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It's possible to find YouTube product review videos, product reviews and product promotions on almost every social media platform, as the internet increases the impact of every area we live in visibly. It is important for everyone to explore the positive and negative aspects before getting a product or service and it is now reachable. At the same time, the brand's responses to these comments on online platforms and the actions they take can potentially change the brand's image.

Product review videos, especially made by social media influencers, can be very effective at tracking down sales or discouraging shopping. Thanks to the organic and trust-based relationship between the influencers and their followers, the influencers' comments and the content they share can change the viewpoint and behavior of followers. In addition, the number of online platforms where product reviews are made each day increases.

The steps taken in online platforms, which are becoming very important in terms of brands, are much more considerable than before. For this reason, it is invaluable that brands are as transparent and responsive as possible to online platforms in terms of consumers' image. It is quite dangerous to ignore the problems that come up with consumer experiences. User experiences and comments that have the potential to change the brand's image to an instant are becoming more effective with the inclusion of social media influencers and reach a considerable audience.

Interaction rates are also very high in these platforms where products from many sectors can be examined. Product reviews of many more endorsed brands such as beauty, make-up and personal care products, technology products and services, services in the food and beverage industry, travel and accommodation services, and comments on the service received are being discussed online by everyone, especially the social media influencers . Positive or negative news grows with an avalanche of impacts and reaches within seconds of the rest of the world, and perhaps most importantly, comments and reviews can always stay in place online without time-lapse.

After we mentioned how valuable and important these contents are in terms of brands, we brought together a few product review videos for you.

I call OHA!

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Sebile does not die


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