Marketing on YouTube: 360 Degree Very Close!

The ability to watch 360-degree video via YouTube has long been a focus of attention for both users and advertisers. Especially at the point of marketing on YouTube, the platform announced that it will further improve on this issue as users become more attractive with 360 degree videos in order to experience a different advertising experience.

With both content providers and 360-degree videos, those who want to reach the target audience will now be able to implement a more successful plan thanks to the feedback they receive on YouTube. According to the statement, the new system will be developed by YouTube, which will draw out the users' heat map. YouTube, which will closely monitor users watching 360 degrees, will create a heat map based on these 360 ​​degree video experiences and thus determine the most noticeable areas of the videos. The only requirement for this is that the number of videos exceeds 1000. In this regard, a heat map will be available for every video that is broadcast on YouTube and exceeds 1000 watched barriers.

What Are the First Reports Marking?

In the first published reports, quite interesting results are shared. According to the explanations, users spend 75% of their time on the first screen that comes up when the video is opened. In this regard, the first screen is crucial for 360 degree video and marketing efforts. At this stage, as the focal point of the user comes to the forefront, the video content needs to be enriched, various guides added, and remarkable content.

Details of YouTube 360-degree video heat map system were shared in a blog post taken by YouTube Product Manager Frank Rodriguez. Rodriguez said that only 20 percent of users are interested in the background, and according to initial results, important recommendations were shared in the blog post. Accordingly, it is important that all areas of the video content should be noted in order to prevent users from staying on the first screen for a long time. For this reason, both marketers and creators need to pay attention to these types of results.

What Is The 360 ​​Degree Video For Marketing On YouTube?

Any marketing work, the creation of interactive content for increased sales, or other work that can be done on 360-degree video requires as much feedback as possible from users. Thus, it may be possible to work more effectively, and it may be possible for firms to achieve higher success in marketing strategies. In this respect, not only the 360 ​​degree video producers but also the companies and institutions that make the marketing efforts towards the target group need to understand and reach the target group better by using different tools such as the heat map.

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