5 Instagram Hilesi

Do you want to use Instagram in the best way? It's not that hard. Instagram for professional content creators is the center of livelihoods. A few mysteries that will serve the ordinary Instagram users! Here are 5 Instagram hilesi you missed!

1. Add line spacing in your annotation

You have noticed that the transmission of social media phenomena seems more understandable than yours. One of the reasons for this is that many specialized content creators know a trick that allows them to add line breaks to their descriptions.

Here's their secret: Write your explanations in the email draft or in the 'Notes' app on your phone. Another way is to press "123" to make the enter key appear.

2. Hide under the Hashtags

We know you want to increase your track record, but to be realistic, many people will not want to examine 37 tags on your nature adventures, or on your street style, your only example of a passerby. The best players are those who know how to take advantage of the labeling without being intimidated to their followers.

They do this with a simple number that you may have noticed before. Instagram uses intermittent dots to push tags after it, since it breaks the description after a certain number of words and creates a continuation icon. Your content will appear on search results in this view.

3. Capture all your friends' shares

With the new Instagram update, you will never miss your friends' shares. One of the quickest ways to make sure that your closest people are not lost in the mix is ​​to go to their profile page and click on the three points in the upper right corner of the screen. When you select "Open Shipment Notifications", Instagram will forward you to the post when that user shares it.

4. Create custom placements in Instagram

Instagram recently made it difficult to add special places to your senders. For the indirect solution suggested by Later for iOS users, first enter Facebook and click "Report Location". Then press the "Add Location" button after entering the desired place name.

Post the post you made a special placemark on Facebook (if you do not want it to appear, you can change your privacy settings) and then call this location in Instagram. Follow these instructions for Android users.

5. Make your nature photos really popular

One of the best photo editing applications you'll find is Snapseed by Google, but many people seem to not know it. Snapseed is especially strong in dramatic cityscapes and organizing nature photographs.

For example, while HDR and Drama filters enhance the emphasis on shapes and colors, the Ambiance filter adds depth. You can also select the parts you want to edit in the photo. Since the application has dozens of features, it will take some time to learn.

Source: Later, Social Media Week, Facebook

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