World Famous 5 Influencer 2018 Market Forecasts

Influencer marketing is one of the rising marketing strategies of 2017. In 2017, this new marketing was on almost every trend list, showing a significant upsale, and the eyes have already turned to 2018. Peki, influencer in 2018 What are the marketing and influencers expecting? We have compiled influential marketing estimates for some of the world famous names for 2018.

Rachel Levin

Social media star, followed by 20 million followers in the social media, said that I believe that the influencer marketing trend will continue throughout 2018, and that expectations are high in this regard. Levin said that every company will have more influencer marketing in its core marketing strategy and will start to get more influence "Influencers are increasingly learning the power they possess. The orbit will grow more and more and smaller companies will begin to try this new marketing " said.

Laurde Riihimaki

In social media, more stars are known as LaurdyY, followed by 15 million people. Referring to the development of the industry this year, the star name, "Some of my favorite brands are entering the sector now. It is surprising to work with them and bring them significant achievements. "He emphasizes the changes in the sector. Mudd and Fanta brands such as long-term work with the ability to make the star name is now on the radar of many brands. Commenting on changes in the sector, Laurde Riihimaki said that brands prefer to work with a few influencers that reflect brand values, trust, and opinions, rather than too much influencers.


Interacting with more than 12 million followers in social media, Wengie is one of the latest stars of the trend. "The trend I see is the influencers who try new things" Wengie said that the star names in the sector are doing new work and that popular names in the sector are now developing their works with things like acting, singing or writing.

DeStorm Power

DeStorm Power, which has more than 12 million social followers, is mostly tracked on YouTube and is known for its videos. By making bigger campaigns in the industry, DeStorm Power said that they are competitive with the traditional media and that the influencers are showing their star power, from TV commercials to advertising panels, every field industry is in competition and more effective results can be obtained.

Charlie Xavier

More than 8 million followers of the star name known as Wolfie in social media are known as YouTube comedian. In Charlie Xavier's sector evaluation, the striking detail was that large brands started to increase their micro budgets slightly in 2017. Charlie Xavier stated that many brands have the opportunity to test the industry for the first time, and that by the end of all these studies, everyone is seeing that influencer marketing is effective, and now a large part of the budget can be directed to the sector.

While estimates of the stars in the sector are hopeful for 2018, it is predicted that the balances in marketing will change further in 2018.


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