How to Deal with Influencer Marketing in 2018

Linqia's famous American influencer platform released a report on the days we passed. Report name "The State Of Influencer Marketing 2018"

I thought it was necessary to write a review article on this report. I will give the report link at the end of the article. Interested people would also like to see this report.

The report takes seriously the data for 2017 and the forecasts for 2018. This leads us to produce the right strategies and pass them on.

Increasing Influencer Marketing Budgets of Brands

First of all, let's assume that this report is based on America. On the other hand, we know that influencer marketing has increased its value in many countries and the rates are not really different from each other.

"The State Of Influencer Marketing" According to the report, 181 digital marketers, agencies and representatives from various sectors participated in the survey conducted in November 2017, 86% of which were advertising with influencer marketing. 92% of those who advertise with influencer marketing stated that they are more productive than returners.

How will your Influencer Marketing Budget be acclaimed in 2018?



The above chart is an answer to the question of how the participants in the survey will have their attitudes on the issue of influencer marketing budgets in 2018. According to the survey, 39% of respondents say they will increase their influn marketing budgets, while only 5% say they will deduct their budgets. 21% say they will fix their budget, and 35% see those who can not decide.

How Much Budget Is Marketers Influencer Marketing?

influencer marketing budget


When we look at the graph in our hand, we understand once again that the people who participate in the research give the impact to the influencer marketing. Only 11% of the influenza budget determinants below $ 10,000 are in the spotlight, while the ones that distinguish between the $ 25,000 and $ 50,000 influencer budgets are 30%.

How Many Different Influencer Marketing Studies Are Performing in a Year?

number of influencer marketing in one year


If we look at another chart at hand, we can see how many times in a year the research participants are implementing an influencer marketing. In this chart, we see that 46% of the companies that implement influencer marketing 2-5 times a year are in the vast majority.

What is the success measure when doing Influencer Marketing?


influencer marketing success criteria


Asked those who participated in the survey "What is your success when doing Influencer Marketing?" When we examine the answers given in the question, the result is as follows;

%90'I interaction increase the rate of
%59'u clicks increase the rate of
%55'I presentation increase the rate of
%50'si impression increase the rate of
%46'si product to increase sales
%29'u reach more people
%2'si other reasons

Although all of these rates seem to be in proportion to each other, it is a fact that all of the respondents evaluated influencer marketing through a different success criterion.

What are the service areas?

sectors that are influencer marketing

Although Influencer marketing is seen as a PR / Communication tool, it is being used effectively in many areas. Asked those who participated in the survey "Which sector are you operating in?" When we look at the answers to the question "38%, the media and advertising sector is seen as the leading. PR / Communication is in third place with 15%. Here, the most interesting rate is seen as product marketing with 0%.

How is Influencer Marketing Managed?


influencer marketing management


Asked those who participated in the survey "How do you manage your Influencer Marketing Program?" the answers of the participants are indicated in the graphic above. According to this chart, turnkey service providers are seen as the first with 42%. 19% of those who manage the house are influential marketing agencies.

 How many Influencers are you working with?

Asked those who participated in the survey "How many Influencers do you work with?" The answers given in the question are graphically indicated. According to this chart, the ratio of employees working with 1-10 influencers is 39%. The proportion of those working with influencers between 10 and 25 is 34%. The rate of those working with 25-50 influencers is also 24%. This shows us how much the researchers actually pay attention to influencer marketing.


What are planned events for Influencer Marketing in 2018?


influencer marketing

The chart above shows which researchers will pay attention to when it comes to influencer marketing in 2018. Instagram with 92%, Facebook with 77% is still the most important channel. But there are two remarkable details in this chart: The first one shows us that 71% of blogs are still strong. Secondly, we can not question why 42% of Youtube is less preferred than others.

Influencer Marketing in 2018 What Are Unplanned Events?

influencer marketing

In this chart, participants "What platform will you prefer when doing Influencer Marketing in 2018?" answered in question. Here, Snapchat and Twitter get the first place with 50%. This shows how much Twitter's influence on Influencer Marketing is diminishing. While Pinterest is third with 34%, Youtube is surprising us again with a rate of 28%.

Importance in 2018 Planned Influencer Marketing Method What is it?

influencer marketing methods


In the graphic above, "Which Influencer Marketing Trend in 2018 Would You Care?" the most remarkable answers to the question are given as follows:

%52 , working with a large number of influencers to make influencer marketing
%44 make influencer marketing by producing more impressive content
%36 integrate influencer marketing programs into e-commerce

When we look at this report;

Influencer marketing In 2018 we will continue to grow and continue to grow. It will continue to be preferred by both marketers and agencies as well as digital marketing specialists. Besides, we see that the influencer marketing budgets will also grow. Although social media channels and practices are different, influencer marketing marketing strategiesthe strength of the nineteenth and the satisfaction received at the highest level.

This report gives a clear answer to a question asked in a way;

"Influencer Marketing is not a trend, it is not transient and it is highly recyclable."

LINQ"The State Of Influencer Marketing 2018" to get a report here You can click.

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