What to Dress Today Before You Read It Absolutely Browse Instagram Accounts

"What do I wear today" is the end! When you wake up every morning, what do you think you will do, and at the end you give up and start the day with ordinary pieces? When you look at the same you say, "I am not that!" And do not you know how you will reflect your personality? You have heard the word "Be born to be born!" You can even reflect all the features of your beauty and character inside with an accessory detail. The important thing is not what is fashionable, but to build your self-confidence by finding your own style. In this article you will find Instagram accounts of fashion influencers that will inspire you to create your own fashion trends and not compromise on style. Do not forget! Beauty is not how you look, but how you want to see yourself.

What to Dress Today Before You Read It Absolutely Browse Instagram Accounts

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nurbilenyavuz is

Nur Bilen Yavuzer has become a profession of beauty after 13 years of Tourism career and has got a professional makeup artist & instructor and micropigmentation specialty diploma in England and France. Turkey's first beauty consultant Nur Hanım, aesthetic surgeon's wife Prof. Dr. They serve their clients in beauty, care, surgery and aesthetics without surgery at the René Clinic, which they have established with Reha Yavuzer. Defining beauty as harmony for the whole, Mrs. Nur suggests style to the 348 thousand people who are loyal to the Instagram account. Especially the combinators who make different pieces together are very appreciated by their followers. While defending natural beauty in its shares; "Gthe woman is not trying to be perfect, she is effortless, she is unique, there is no personality and no recipe."His followers are overcome by self-confidence.



Zeynep Göçtürk, who has been a director at the René Clinic since March 2013, has named other zoos, under the name FashionHouse by zeto in blogs and 151 thousand followers, the Instagram account offers beauty, care, lifestyle and style. Sharing different shopping points and products that will revise your understanding of fashion, Zeynep Hanim is particularly appreciated with her post which reflects her ethnic style.



After her graduation from university, Dream Büyüktetik, a daughter of a textile father who worked for 5 years in an American human resource company, questioned her institutional working life and told her "Does that make me happy?"He began to follow European fashion bloggers at the time. Later, she opened her own blog and started publishing 3 articles each week where style suggestions took place. Nowadays, it is one of the first names that come to mind when you think of fashion blogger. Fashion on Board and 143,000 followers in his Instagram account shares the impressions of especially luxurious brands' designs, beauty and styling proposals and world famous flaws. Rüya Hanim, who shared global trends and foreign brands in fashion world at the corner of the evening newspaper for a period, On a YouTube account also publishes vlogs on various topics from Milan Fashion Week to the red carpet adventure in London, from makeup suggestions to experiences from abroad. In addition to all of these, we are preparing collections for brands and healthy lifestyle He is the general editor of a magazine in the field. Rüya Hanım, a successful fashion influencer, says that in her collaborations with brands, her aim is not to serve shopping and consumption cultures, but to show good things only by offering diversity. Followers him lady .


until iconj

Ferhan Talib, who is known as an iconjane in social media and who defines himself as a style and fashion nifty, knows that he will do something about fashion when he graduates from Mimar Sinan University even while studying Sociology. At that time, following the deficits closely and combining the products themselves, on a friend's recommendation in 2009 blog and resigned his position as marketing director of a famous French brand. While the early times shared only the likes of others, they began to offer real experiences to their followers, with their sharing of their own style afterwards. Impact marketing in fashion sector 4 things that affect his understanding: "Brand, agency, blogger and ultimate consumer."In order to make effective campaigns by making the right decisions, it is important that brands and agencies know well about target groups, know how to reach them and Bloggers also analyze well what their followers do not like and what they do not like it is necessary. He says that it is the agencies that need to produce the project and he adds; "Or why become an agency? I can communicate with the brand myself. "With this rightful product, the influencer also draws attention to marketing rules. Instagram account of 133 thousand people reflect their own style of fashion to be unique to their followers are exceeded.


aniltirya that

Anil Tiryaki has worked in the fashion and retail sector for many years. She has studied on Styling and Fashion in Paris and has undertaken visual arrangements and showcase decorating in major brands in the retail sector in Spain and America. Following the Styling and Luxury Store Management training he received at the Istanbul Fashion Academy, blog opened. By the fall of the year 2015, LifeFest suggests blogs and lectures in the field of digital marketing, advertising and commerce in Istanbul University Faculty of Communications. He also worked as a manager in Arzu Kaprol, a famous Turkish designer. Currently working on his own brand "Tiryaki İstanbul", he is presenting styles with men with his team and also doing interviews with famous designers. Monthly style and life magazine also writes in Bestyle Magazine Anil Tiryaki, Offers recommendations on current and global fashion news, travel experiences, eating and drinking and male care and style that reflects its own style in the Instagram account of 125 thousand people.


the ilhamigozc

Originally an engineer, İlhami Gözcü has always been interested in male fashion. 71 thousand people in the Instagram account, followers of the suit, especially with the combination of different accessories are offered in style suggestions. He recommends male followers to wear especially black and navy blue suits in their wardrobe. Saying that personal development lasts a lifetime, İlhami Gözcü suggests that men should have confidence in their choice of clothes and reflect their own style with the right choices.


busraguler is

Büşra Güler, especially followed by the young people with interest, is very appreciated with different combinatorial shares in Instagram account of 61 thousand people. In fact, there are even some fans who share photos of his wife with the Vogue cover. Büşra also stepped into the vlogger, On a YouTube account shopping, beauty, make-up and care.



Semih Işık, the main occupational architecture, has combined the interest in fashion with the design education he received at school. The Instagram account, where 46 thousand people live, shares hobbies and reflects the everyday style of men's fashion. The most important thing in his shares is to reflect himself as it is, do not recommend anything to your followers. She describes her style as an innovative yet simple, postmodernism as applied to fashion and style as well as in architecture. The secret of good and beautiful appearance we do not wear them, hidden in positive energy he says.



After graduating from the Department of English Language and Literature at the University, Nihan Güzel started to work in the digital sector and has worked as a digital marketing and advertising manager in cosmetic and fashion brands. Deciding to share them with the "inspiration" folders on your computer blog opened. Hoop Bi 'Kemer she shares her views on fashion, art, cinema, costume, beauty, care, make-up and shopping. It is an expression of the clothing style of the people Nihan Hanım said, everyone's own gardolabin's curator . Turkish men are not very elegant, but increasingly saying that they are at peace with sport and well-being, they are expressing a justification. On a YouTube account where brands and collections are located Lookbook She shares shopping ideas she sees as an art that needs to be educated instead of an empty time actress, and suggestions on fashion, beauty, make-up. Instagram account of 43 thousand people with their own style reflects the share of the followers sincere and is highly appreciated. Especially on product Youtube account by product followers informative, useful and reliable .



Elif Özbey, a social media manager in an advertising agency, has also worked as a style consultant at Markafoni for a while. While working on brands' social media work, he also worked in the production section and developed visual marketing strategies. She graduated from İstanbul Aydın University Fashion Design Department and completed her internship with Turkish designer Tuvana Büyükçınar. She likes to dress in different styles every day, she never likes imitation. Accessories are the biggest passion. He also says he likes to make extraordinary and brave choices, even with minor details.


75% of the brands in the fashion sector are using the influencer marketing strategy!

With the online shopping trend, the brands in the fashion sector are getting harder and harder. At the beginning of the strategies used by brands to deliver the latest trend products to consumers in an increasingly competitive environment and to achieve effective sales rates afterwards influencer marketing It is coming. Digital age opinion leaders one influencer on, experience sincere and realistic by offering followers reliable . The fashion sector, which has a dynamic marketing understanding, influencer marketing is much more fortunate than other brands in the field. Because  women are beautiful and beautiful lovers. They are interested in clothes that will reveal their beauty, accessories and care products. So there is already a demand. The only thing that needs to be done is this request effective communication through the right channels to meet. For this, en sincere and trusting communication influencers lt; / RTI & gt;

Today, celebrities are taking their place as influencers, becoming brands' faces and sitting in the forefront of world famous fashion frescoes. Branding the power of Bloggers, they have collaborated with them to reach a wider audience. (See: How to Become a $ 500 Million Brand with a Single Influencer?) Especially in digital campaigns, by means of Instagram and Youtube accounts of influencers brands beyond their own mass, high interaction does not stop; While they are gaining quality traffic, they are also selling online and offline sales. The most important thing that markers should not forget at this point is that the quality of the quantity is more important and that micro influencers with fewer than 100 followers as well as macro influencers with more than 100 followers are also effective. (See: Beverage Devi Coca Cola How did you raise Brand Awareness with Influencers?)

As of 2019, the total contract value of the influencer marketing industry is expected to exceed 2 billion dollars!

Which sector you are in for your brand measurable results effective influencer marketing campaigns it is possible to play. To reach the influencers that will match your brand identity most accurately CreatorDen influencer marketing platformYou can use nu. If you want to see the influencers in different subjects, you can click on the topics below.

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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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