Before you answer the question of content marketing, you need to consider the concept of content. Content; the idea, feelings, thoughts and intentions that are required to be given in a narrative are the whole. The content that is the process of mental and intellectual functions is the whole of the visual and auditory messages transmitted from the source to the final receiver through the social media networks in the digital media. With the widespread use of the Internet, societies have evolved from the Information Society into an identity encoded with information and communication technologies. The most important phenomenon in information societies in terms of function and power is the informed informality. Big Data (Big Data), information that is transformed into meaningful and processable forms, causes information pollution and various manipulations by creating an avalanche effect as a result of non-stop flow of data through all communication channels. In this infinite data environment where billions of content have disappeared, brands, corporations and corporations use the content marketing strategy to put their identities in the foreground and place them in the minds.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing; is the next generation digital communication and marketing process in which new media ecosystems prepare sensory content for the target masses of brands and work on sensory positioning in the minds of new or existing customer masses. The founder of the Institute of Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi of America,Context marketing is a marketing technique that involves creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to influence, attract, engage, with the goal of creating a clearly defined target audience and profitable customer movement."Contrary to other digital marketing methods, content marketing aims to provide the information that the existing clientele need to participate in the process, and to create new needs to orient the target kit to the brand's products. When you enter the market with a brand new product, you can position the product as a demanded product with the content marketing strategy, when no one is actually available.

James O'Brien, content strategist, points out that value-driven marketing means that marketers at the center of content marketing need to provide value to customers in return for productive investment. For this purpose, instead of ordinary advertisements, the audience should be presented with a visual feast composed of many layers. In digital content marketing, each content prepared makes it interesting to position it while attracting attention to the brand while giving information to the target audience. According to the statistics, 7 out of 10 consumers by choosing the articles they read, the video and visual content they watch with traditional marketing methods; with content marketing services and products that provide solutions to consumer needs of brands they prefer to own information.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing does not sell products; attracting attention to the target brand and product buying behaviors for their natural fulfillment directs. In content marketing blogs, e - books, e - mails, case studies, video, infographic, white paper, online events and webinars, online newsletters, photographs and illustrations, news announcements and forums etc. content types. By using these types of content, brands can be included in the customer's life cycle content marketing; business, and customer goals to achieve all the strategies and techniques used in the integration into the permanent, stable and integrated solutions, marketing as the umbrella we can be described as is a method of providing added value to customers.

What is Content Marketing?

Today, 93% of purchasing behavior begins with online search, How is content marketing done?

  1. Identify your goals: Determine your marketing objectives for your vision and mission. Then identify the target group you are addressing as the result of the analyzes you make, and recognize them. Learn from the demographic to what they like, from the experiences they value to their enthusiasm. It is important to establish a sincere connection between your mark and your target.
  2. Create your strategy: What will be the messages or solutions you want to give to the content that you will aim for the target audience? Please answer this question first when determining your strategy. If you want your brand to be recognized, you need a "persona"As much detail as possible. Decide how you will project the Persona you create from the digital channels. Most brands make mistakes by trying to be effective on all social media platforms. The important thing is not to look a little bit everywhere but to be a favorite on the platform that will be the vehicle to promote your brand in the best possible way. In your content strategies you create, create backup plans by adding problems to your account, and make proactive solutions by making budget plans.What is Content Marketing?
  3. Identify your content: What kind of content will you target and address which topics will you address? How should the time range of your content be? Respond to these questions and make detailed configuration. your content clear, sincere, understandable, offering solutions, striking and niche be careful. Trust and loyalty constituent a simple language use. Be aware of the continuity of your content, but be careful that it does not get tired of your target audience.
  4. Make regular measurements: Different types of content you publish productivity and efficiency analysis Structure. Make it easier for your target audience to reach your mark by doing SEO work. Use the right digital tools to reach more of your content. Standardize your measurement and reporting activities regularly. As a result of your results, your content marketing strategies retroactive improvements and forward-looking plans Structure.
  5. Make use of the power of social media: Publishing your content on a blog or on your website is not enough. You should position your content marketing strategies on social media networks to build loyalty to your brand, and to gain your brand's reputation and credibility.

What is Content Marketing?

The most effective content marketing strategy: Influencer marketing

Content strategies hybrid marketing understanding With the implementation in the framework, brands reach the fastest growth rates in the digital world. Today's most successful content marketing performance optimization integrated with customer insights, content cycle that provides more data to target audience informed brands is an influencer marketing. (If you still do not know what the Influencer marketing is, Click here.) Influencer marketing, where brand positioning is the fastest, enabling products to be positioned as most reliable, accessible and affordable as possible; is an innovative digital marketing channel that maximizes investment returns. So much so that in recent years brand influencers like NYX have come to be used as brand faces. (To learn how NYX has become a $ 500 million brand with influencer marketing Click here.) You can create effective content marketing campaigns that inspire influencer marketing, a marketing strategy that focuses on influencing buying behaviors, followed by mass influx, and the target kit is included in the process. If you want to reach Influencers fastest CreatorDen influencer marketing platform here you can start using it immediately.

I also recommend browsing to the documentary film by Content Marketing Institute, where the story of content marketing is discussed.



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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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