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Influencer Marketing 2018 Report CreatorDen

As we left behind 2018, we left hundreds of cooperation, thousands of influencers, and beautiful project results behind us. As a preface, it is best to start by thanking all CreatorDen partners. Today, we come before you think can be the same as last year but slightly better as a influencia Turkey Marketing Report. You can reach the news link of our report published in Webrazzi here ...
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Can Influencer Marketing Improve the Traffic of a New Site Permanently?

Immediately after the launch of the website of a non-governmental organization, they launched an influencer marketing campaign with Gerris Corp., introducing Dan Krueger and Chris Abraham customers to the world of this non-profit organization, including 4,000 influencers and micro-influencers with different audiences. Influencer teams included 1st class Influencer, dating back to ordinary blogger, lawyer and social media celebrities ....
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3 Most Common Problems and Solutions in Influencer Marketing

With the increasing use of social media in recent years, Influencer Marketing has become quite common. His work to announce the voices of big or small brands using social media managed to attract people's attention to brands. So much so that in 2017, businesses only spent $ 2 billion for Influencer Marketing strategies on Instagram. That number is fivefold in 2020 ...
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How much do you know about Ece Targıt?

Ece Targıt is a part of our life with the content that it has produced on social media platforms for years. On Instagram, YouTube produces content and Ece Targıt achieves millions of people every week and is a name that brands prefer in their collaborations. How well do you know Ece Targıt? By solving the test immediately ...
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How Much Do You Know About Duygu Özaslan?

Duygu Özaslan has been a part of our life with the content he has produced on social media platforms for years. Duygu Özaslan, who reached millions of people every week with the content he produced on YouTube and also Instagram on Instagram, is a name he prefers in the collaboration of brands and he is a very popular and followed among social media users. How well do you know Duygu Özaslan? By solving the test immediately ...
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Are Influencer Influencers That Make Caps Shares Effect?

Ah, capsler devam The capsules that attract attention because they are able to reconcile the bests of a small moment that almost everyone can do, continue to draw attention as one of the parts that make life's faces smile. Can caps manufacturers take the place of influencers with this awareness that caps have recently increased in popularity? Caps Producers & Influencers Reaction to instant events ...
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5 Influencer Features Considered by Brands

If you are an influencer who wants to collaborate with brands, you must have a media kit containing the data that brands take care of. The influencer characteristics that brands take into account should be prepared correctly and critical details about influencer should be clearly shared so that a healthy relationship can be established with brands. You must provide the correct information for brands to choose you. The first question that comes to mind: What is the media kit? Only influencers ...
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Short Videos Going Back with TikTok?

The video continues to grow on the Internet and is expected to form 80% of the total Internet traffic in a short period of time. With the Youtube video, Vine, which continues with the next step with Snapchat and Insragram to share the experiences of users in the moment we live in our lives much more with a short time to start to video in the short ...
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Influencer Marketing Guide for Instagram

Of course, if you have a business or a brand, you have already heard of a influencer marketing Bir. What exactly is influencer marketing? What is the best influencer marketing strategy you can use to create your brand and increase your sales? Here's a quick look at the definition of influencer marketing and tips on increasing your brand awareness and your number of organic visitors:
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