A Travel Blogger: Being an Influencer in 5 Steps

Hi, I'm Naz, 21. I study English Business at Marmara University. I do an internship at CreatorDen and at the same time I am an influencer! I have a blog that I write about my travels. Apart from being a travel blogger, I have been dealing with photography since 2010 and thanks to Instagram I can collect these two things in one place and reach people who follow me.

The only thing I think I started to do is to share things I like somewhere like daily. Because of the curiosity of social media, I use Instagram actively, choose the right hashtags, and follow people who only share similar content with their own interests. As time passes, the follower count has increased visibly. From the messages and interpretations I actually realized how I inspired and influenced people.

We have become familiar with the concept of influencer marketing with the rapid growth of social media in recent years. While working with famous markers in the past, they are now able to reach the target faster and interact with them at higher rates through macro and micro influencers.

Although I addressed travelers first, I made 5 steps, thinking that the steps I took would be beneficial to all the influencers.

Steps to Apply to Those Who Become Influencers

1- Find Your Skills or Abilities:

Find something you can share every detail that you think you are extremely passionate and that you can do every day. Take what you find as your child, because after that you will be going through that path. If the road does not give you joy and sustainability, do not continue. You know yourself.

2- Create Consistent Content:

The idea that a content or a social media message will change your life is a great misunderstanding. Things like this rarely happen and are not sought after. If you formulate consistently, you can identify your own interests.

3- Be Social:

There is nothing worse than creating a great video and never watching anyone. Do not be afraid to share your content across all social networking networks. Also, label the relevant brands and contacts appropriately so that you are aware of what you are doing.

4- Be patient:

Patience is a tremendous fortune and you should know it in your time that you are really on your side. Buying or playing with the system may seem great for some brands, but you are preparing yourself for this failure. Patience, quality content and growth through a good network will enable you to achieve greater gains.


In fact, the most important thing for travelers is that you have a notebook or a program that you can take notes on your phone (eg Evernote), even if it applies to every influencer. When I tried to remember the places I visited before opening my blog, I actually realized that I forgot many details. After the blog, I always ran around with a notebook. You will also notice that even after returning from your trip, your Instagram posts will be full of information and you will not have missed out on your blog. This will make your content more noticeable. Who just wants to look at the photos? Do not miss your stories as an influencer!

Finally, stop worrying about having titles. Develop your skills, build a community of related followers, and value the comments. Remember, being an influencer is a journey, not a destination. Gaining this responsibility requires skill, consistency and patience. Once you win it, you will have new experiences as never before. Until then, continue to create and leave your traces!

Naz Yaşar

About the author

Operations Specialist @CreatorDen
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