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General Questions

What is CreatorDen?

From creatore; is an influencer marketing platform that has gone out of its way to democratize sponsored content. CreatorDen Platform; brands and agencies and social media platforms to bring quality content to their followers, bringing true impact to the influencers. You can collaborate with brands using our application.

How can I collaborate with brands?

You can reach many brands at the same time as the CreatorDen application, and get the right brand for your social media account. Also; you can get a chance to be noticed easily by the brand through the application.

Is it cost to use CreatorDen?

Using the app, sending branded offers is free. When you share any brand content, 20% service fee will be deducted and the cooperation fee will be transferred to you.

How do I subscribe to the CreatorDen platform?

You can easily sign up through our mobile app and link your social media account as an influencer. Also; be sure to mark the interests of the content you share on social media. Keep in mind; you will not be aware of new campaigns unless you connect your social media account.


What are the platform usage conditions?

Social media accounts

How can I link my accounts?

Once you sign in as a member, sign in with your social media information by selecting your social media counterparts that are influencer.

Is it safe to link our accounts to the CreatorDen platform?

Connecting your social media accounts is secure. Your account password can not be displayed by CreatorDen.

What profile information should I fill out?

In order to receive your cooperation payment in addition to your personal information, you must enter your TC ID and IBAN information on the Payment Information page.


Can I bid for all brands / campaigns?

CreatorDen we want to ensure that the content is shared with the right people. For this purpose, we select the interests of your social media account during the first membership to the application. So; we are only aware of relevant influencers when you open a brand campaign. If you are seeing campaigns in practice, your interests are appropriate campaigns and you can bid on your wishes.

How can I bid?

You can bid in three steps. Click on the + icon to see how you will share an image for the campaign you're interested in. Provide information about the text you will share with the visual and enter how much budget you want for this share and click the Submit button.

What does the image / video I add when making a bid mean?

Visual sharing allows brands to get a better idea of ​​sharing. You can upload samples of shares you will make during the proposal, as well as samples from shares you've done before.

How should I determine the budget?

Shares' budgets are generally determined by the number of followers, the page's interaction rate, and the influencer's experience.

How does the process work?

Campaigns you see in practice; the influencer will be rejected based on the interests you have selected for your social media account. From these campaigns you can bid on what you wish. Your proposals will be examined by brand authorities; accept or reject. You must create content for your accepted bid and send it to brand approval.

My offer is approved, can I now share?

Once your proposal is approved, you must prepare content in accordance with the content request of the mark and send it to the mark's consent. Brand; you may accept your content or request a revision. Once you've approved the content for which the brand is eligible to share, you can then share it with your social media account.


I prepared the content to share, what should I do now?

Once you have prepared your content, you must submit it for trademark approval through the application. Brand; you may accept your content or request a revision. Once you've approved the content for which the brand is eligible to share, you can then share it with your social media account.

I share my content, what should I do now?

Once you share content from your social media account, you need to let them know that you are sharing content through the app. Otherwise, your payment will not pass.

I shared my content. Can I get rid of it now?

You should not delete content that you have shared for 30 days according to platform rules.


How do I get my payments?

You can withdraw your payment after marking your application on the application. You can receive your payments separately for each share as well as in bulk. Your payment will be made on the first Friday after 14 days from withdrawing the money.

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