Influencers Reshape Cosmetics and Fashion World

Influencer concept is not really a new concept to market. If we go back to the 1950s, it would not be wrong to say that Marilyn Monroe is an influencer that determines all the beauty and fashion trends. Everything she chose was inspired by every woman between the ages of 18-50, from her hair to her makeup, from her clothes to her shoes. Favorite perfume Channel No 5, your favorite skin care product Ernő László. Even if you are looking for brands that Marilyn Monroe is passionate about, even hundreds of writings about her favorite brands and products are out of the question.

For decades, brands have been making business associations to take advantage of their celebrities and models. Especially at the beginning of the 2000s, sponsorship work done with fame reached the summit. Now, the rise of influencer marketing has led to the formation of a dialect that promises far more than commercial advertising and commercials between brands with famous names. Social media is bringing the concept of influencer to a more individual level, bringing social media phenomena that can affect followers' purchasing behavior or preferences for brands. Especially in the cosmetics and fashion world, influencer marketing trends are rising rapidly.

Brand Views

The year that we passed is called the year of influencers. According to Tribe Dynamics founder CEO CannorBegley, this year is expected to be the year of influential investments. At the same time, Begley said 84% of the surveyed brands designed their first influencer marketing campaigns last year, and 81% of them have website traffic and sales increases. So why? According to analysis, each dollar made to the influencer marketing is said to be returning as $ 6.5. It would not be wrong to say that influencer marketing will be the favorite strategy of the markers in the short term.

Bloggers Created Authority in Fashion World

The influencers addressed by Instagrammer, YouTuber and Blogger are considered to be the new authority in the fashion and beauty world. As such, it is inevitable for brands to be involved in marketing activities.

The influencer network formed by Cosmopolitan and Seventeen partnership is one of the best examples of this. In 2015, the network of well-known names such as beauty specialists and fashion gurus is very much interested in both sponsor and magazine content.
In this network of 14 creative activities, beauty and cosmetic products are introduced. Subsequent users are given the opportunity to earn $ 50 in gift and rebate checks. The result is a confirmation of the success of the influencer marketing:

Shared videos reached 10 million views in just 10 days.

# 9.21% of all campaigns have access to the post. This ratio is almost 20 times the industry average.

Different Approaches to Influencer Marketing Continue to Occur

The campaign data we mentioned above shows how effective influencer marketing is. JennaManula, Director of Social Media Marketing, predicts different approaches to influencer marketing from these data. Noting that many non-affiliated bloggers and influencers will seek sponsorship with brands through the growth of the influencer marketing industry, Manula emphasizes that brands should pay attention to this.

In this respect, it is very important for brands to adopt the following approaches:

Finding the Right Influencer

73% of the marketers in the fashion and cosmetics sector say that the biggest challenge in the sector is to create time and resources to work with influencers. Markets are just beginning to realize that finding the right and valuable influencer for them is as easy as making a Google call.

If your marketing budget is low, do not give up at any time. You can even make an influencer search using Google.

Influencer marketing platform CreatorDen, the influencer allows you to find the right influencers for your brand without wasting time. By using the CreatorDen platform, you can make your campaign insights in detail, as well as metric measures such as total access, liking and interpretation after the campaign.

Impact and Return Scaling

Return calculations are key factors in investing in an influencer marketing strategy. But it can be difficult to trackback calculations. As a workaround, you can review factors such as the variability of traffic flow for your post-campaign site. You will be able to identify this, instead of a direct financial return, will influence brand awareness of your influencer marketing campaigns. Temporarily set non-financial targets and invest in measurement tools.

Acting Influencers

Almost 59% of cosmetic and fashion brands are attracting the attention of the influencer they desire. While the demand for influencers is on the rise, marketers should try harder to attract their attention. The solution is to take gift items and discounts to mark their sympathy.

Providing Continuity

One of the most important factors is to be able to maintain continuity after your influencer marketing strategies are in operation. Conducting a stable influencer marketing strategy requires a committed and sincere relationship with the influencers you have agreed upon. As a solution, choose the influencers you trust as partners. Give confidence to the other party at every step of the way from your payments to content planning. It looks difficult from the outside, yeah. That's why CreatorDen is a solution that will benefit you in influencer relationships!

Influencer Relationship Rules

Influencers always reflect their own views and make their way from their hands to make them trustworthy. In other words, a product recommendation by influencer should reflect their own experience and satisfaction. So it is important that the influencer you choose is really someone who likes and uses your brand. Otherwise, if you have made payments, the creativity and sincerity of the postcards shared by the influencer may be reduced.

Conclusion: 4 Golden Rules of Influencer Marketing

In short, the influencer marketing strategy establishes partnerships between brands and the trusted names of social media to promote and promote products. Instead of relying on Influencer to promote their products, work together to communicate the right message correctly. The campaigns you will create in this way will be the best way to increase brand awareness and sales. Below are the rules for the four gold qualities you need to look out for during your influencer marketing applications:

1-) Respect Influencer's contributions

2-) Let them be themselves

3-) Support their social media accounts

4-) Follow an integrated social media strategy

Source: Flying Point Digital & La Times

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