Influencers and Markets: What Content Is Better Performance?

According to the reports of the American National Advertisers Association, influencer marketing is predicted to be the fastest growing marketing strategy for brands until 2020. As influencer marketing begins to evolve, marketers are beginning to notice the potential and add original content from influencers to marketing strategies as a low-cost source.

According to the questionnaires, 86% of brands use influencer marketing as part of their marketing strategy, and 88.5% see influencer marketing and influencers' unique content as an important part of their marketing strategy.

When asked why they chose to work with influencers on brand marketing, 73% of the survey participants said that it was about the brand's target audience. 72% stated that influencers were viewed by their followers as trustworthy and mass leaders, while 60% believed that the access and interaction rates of influencers' content aroused interest on masses.

Why Should You Prefer Influencers to Produce Content?

  • Organic access
  • Original / reliable idea
  • Suitability to target audience
  • Cross-channel tracking
  • Understand the inner market
  • Quality content
  • Trigger mouth marketing
  • Increase interaction
  • Create evaluation / review
  • Conversion
  • Provide product sales
  • Avoid Ad Block implementations

According to the report, 15-20% of spending on marketing can be reduced with better investment efforts; This involves finding the right balance between the investments you make in the consumer media, advertising, public relations, marketing and organization marketing to the shopper, and the cost of creating, planning or managing these investments.

In traditional advertising methods, brands pay professional content producers, but these traditional methods are more expensive and time consuming for marketers. As a result, brands tend to be more influencer marketing to create original content. According to the survey, the cost of influencer marketing is 2.6 times lower than traditional advertising methods. Marketers think this cost translates to the right target because the influencers share their content with the right targets.

Working with Influencers offers a cost effective alternative to marketing.
26% of marketers spend 2.2 times more on professionally produced photographs compared to photographs created by influencer marketing method.

45% of the marketers spend 2.7 times more than the original video content prepared by the influencers.


The original content of the influencers is not only less costly than traditional advertising methods, but also more effective at seeing the results. 57% of respondents say influencer marketing's brands are much more influential.
The report says that influencer marketing will allow marketers to reduce their spending on traditional media and increase their investments in advertising work, and will continue to be a valuable part of marketing strategies.

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