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Experience marketing strengthens its rightful place in the digital transformation of brands as a new marketing method that even big brands use increasingly and integrate them into marketing strategies. So what is marketing this experience? Experience marketing refers to the experience of consumers before they decide to buy a product or service offered by brands. Experience marketing that does not limit itself to capturing and exploiting opportunities alone offers the opportunity to experience a common product / service experience within the consumer's journey. Experience marketing is not only a brand new marketing method, but it also has its own place because brands symbolize the transformation of the digital age by releasing conventional communication tools such as television and newspaper. In Turkey, the world of marketing experience began to spread successful examples of brands that provide the best return we have compiled for you:

1) TNT

The TNT channel, which was set to go live in Belgium, has chosen a very unusual way to tell it to the local people. The public, pushing the "push to add drama" button on a square, found himself in a fast action film. Thus, audiences had the opportunity to experience the service TNT promised them beforehand.

2) IKEA Pajama Party

The IKEA store in Essex, England, was no longer silent in comments from social media followers, and organized a "pajama party" to allow consumers to experience IKEA products. About 200 guests were provided with a real pajama party experience at night, allowing consumers to participate in the entire process from the establishment of beds to the selection of bed linen.

3) Disney Doctor McStuffin

The experience marketing campaign for Disney Channel's famed Doc Mcsutffin program was one of the most prominent campaigns in terms of both reaching the target audience and returning numbers. Doc McStuffin cartoon, a 6-year-old girl based on treating a child in her imaginary clinic, was invited to the clinic before the 2nd Season, where the children were invited to a clinic where they were given the opportunity to examine the selected toy and apply treatments. After more than 8 children participated in the event, there was a considerable increase in linefilm screening rates.

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