Next Generation Social Media Marketing: Emoji Marketing

Emojis, these simple and funny little illustrations are actually powerful and effective tools at an incredible rate for your brand's social media marketing.

emoji in social media

Ten years ago, the statements began with a humble beginning in online chat rooms. Social media and visual communication have transformed these expressions into complex images at colorful and surprising levels. Even small animations we use while chatting on Facebook are an example. According to Search Engine Magazine, 6 billion emoji are sent every day. From here we can say that it is not a coincidence that we have a day to appreciate such as 17th of July World Emoji Day.

Emoji helps people rebuild some of the clues missing in the text and makes the text feel friendly and more informal. Though not as rigid as you are in the mood, readers can make their decisions based on their imagination, since they do not have important contextual hints such as tone and face expression. This can also lead to misunderstandings and debates, and it means you lose your customers. Emoji tends to emerge in order not to experience them.

People use emoji to fill their text with colorful accents, to emphasize, to convey emotion and voice. What about it? When you bring yourself to the same level as your customer, you create a personal connection and you make yourself open and accessible. The majority who have not adopted emoji is unimaginable. 92% of online users use emoji at least several times a year. Now, can you see how strong the emojin's effect is?

Emoji marketing is quite popular and many brands have already started using it. If you do not plan for your brand, you run the risk of lagging behind in this race.

The best emoji marketing examples we have chosen for social media marketing!


emoji in social media

Deadpool's emoji marketing campaign is the biggest success of recent history. Apparently, the ad helped Deadpool to break the box office record, earning $ 745 million. Deadpool's marketing was already working hard to create a destructive tone. It was not like any other movie; We can see from the poster how filmin has taken this work to another level.


emoji marketing in social media

Domino's emoji marketing campaign was delivered in a very different way. It made it possible to order pizza with an emoji. What you need to do is open a Domino's account, then create a favorite order and link your Twitter to this account. The process is complete! Your horse will come up with your favorite pizza door by a tweet with pizza emoji. Domino's was the first company to activate the emoji order, making pizza delivery as easy as possible.

Taco Bell

emoji marketing in social media

Taco Bell followed the case insisting on the emoji marketing campaign to create a taco emo. It was a different campaign that brought together the present passionate users. It was a case that helped the customers express their love in the tackle, everyone clearly and in full view of their social networks. It was a viral accomplishment that reminded many people of their love of tassels and gave them more inspiration to try them out.

He For She

emoji marketing in social media

He For She is a campaign designed and launched by actress Emma Watson to make men feminist and fight for gender equality. The campaign was designed to come from the top of the understanding that feminism is 'anti-men' in any way, and to ask them to be 'pro-women' instead of men. The emoji and logo were created by combining the male ♂ and female ♀ symbols. As a result of Watson's support and private emotion, #HeForShe bets increased by 115%. It was a great success because of the design and message he carried. We see in the examples that the symbols have always been strong when combined for some reason.


emoji marketing in social media

WWF created 17 emoji from endangered species. The idea is that individuals must become members of WWF and donate 10 cents each tweet they make with any of the emojis. These emojis helped people express themselves with fun, cute images while supporting a good cause.


emoji marketing in social media

emoji marketing in social media

emoji marketing in social media

McDonald's used emojis to delightfully depict food, desserts and burgers. Not only that, he also created simple emoji stories that would form a simple premise and create a joke line.

This is the simplest, most elegant of the marketing of emoji. The obvious way to use positive emojis in poster campaigns is to show that an idea does not have to be complicated in order to be effective.


emoji marketing in social media

Budweiser succeeded in using emoji with a tweet that became hyperviral on July 4, leaving a perfect impression. It used simple and existing emojies uniquely. He prepared a US flag with the emojis he united and retweeted more than 130,000 times. While Budweiser moved patriotism to the same patriotic day of the year, he seamlessly combined his products with patriotism.

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