Influencers' Influence in Social Media Marketing

The power of the social media, which has become a part of our lives in the digital world, has started to use brands effectively. Markets promote both themselves and their products in their social media accounts and interact with their users. However, at some points, the social media efforts of brands may be inadequate. This is where the influence of influencers in social media marketing comes into play. The way in which influencers working with the same interests are tracked and trusted by the social media channels is not going to be overlooked.

Influencer Marketing in Social Media Marketing

When working with influencers, the important point is not reaching more people but reaching the right people. With this method, which is a fairly new strategy in marketing, marketers must be very careful when choosing the influencers they want to work with. Today, the most popular social media channels are listed as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many accounts that have accounts on these channels, followed by millions of real users.

Among so many accounts, marketers should first find the influencer with the best appealing audience for the product they want to highlight. To give an example; The X brand is making a new wrinkle creme called the market z. If you are selling this product in social media, you prefer to work with influencers. It is very important that the vast majority of these women are older than 30 years of age. Because a social media influencer's account, which is predominantly followed by women in their twenties, can not bring together the right target audience with the brand, and this study is likely to result in failure. This means that brands need to be highly selective, product-friendly and powerful influencers.

Working with the right influencer is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that make brands successful. Social media marketing campaigns are also success stories of this approach made it possible to see both in Turkey in various countries. The right influencer, the right audience and the right work. You have carried your brand and your product one step ahead of your competitors!

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