Who are the Influencer Most Followed by Men? - Top 10

Instagram is currently the shining star of social networks. As more than 1 billion users on Instagram are following at least one brand account, influencer marketing efforts are crucial for brands. In this manner, we have also examined accounts that are followed by most men analyzes influencer in Turkey. For a similar article, see: Most Influencers Followed by Women

According to the analysis we carried out in Turkey between the influencer's most followed by Instagram accounts of men being followed by men on average by 95%. We listed the Top 10 for you.

Most Followed by Men: Shiftdeletenet

96.57% of Shiftdeletenet's followers are men. His followers' interests include;

37.62% Sports
35.16% Automobile and Engine
31.43% Camera and Photography
30.30% Electronic and Computer
Family, Relationship & Friends

When we examine the followers Shiftdeletenet 39% between 18-24 years, 32% between 25-34 years, while the account is Microsoft Turkey's most labels that account.


Must Name Male Followers Ratio
1 shiftdeletenet %96.57
2 tturkben94 %95.65
3 egefitness %95.4
4 webtekno %94.97
5 the hakki_alk %93.63
6 zorby to %92.55
7 sarpatill to %92.36
8 mericozg is %91.69
9 muratenginekn %90.46
10 I roportajada %90.17

When we list the first 10 accounts followed by men by interaction rates, we find quite interesting data.

Must Name Interaction Rate
1 egefitness %11.1
2 mericozg is %10.6
3 sarpatill to %9.11
4 tturkben94 %8.19
5 I roportajada %7.16
6 muratenginekn %6.27
7 the hakki_alk %4.34
8 zorby to %4.2
9 webtekno %3.5
10 shiftdeletenet %1.12

The rate of interaction in the Aegean Fitness account, which is mostly followed by men and has the highest interaction rate, is quite high: 11.1%

When we examine the followers of Ege Fitness, the distribution of interests is as follows;

42.91% Sports
32.73% Fitness & Yoga
Family, Relationships and Friendship
20.04% Camera and Photography
19.18% Automobile and Engine

The overwhelming majority of the followers of Ege Fitness are 44% between the ages of 18-24 and 24% are between 25-34 years of age.

From these results, we see that sports and technology are the main things that men are most interested in Instagram. We see that the influencers who use the active Youtube channel as in the list we created for women are much more effective in Instagram. On the other hand, one of the interesting things is that men follow men and women follow women. Both of the lists we have published do not have the opposite sex.

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