Trademarks that are in love with Experience Marketing

Experience marketing (CEM); is a marketing strategy that focuses on the consumer of the utility offered by the brand by experiencing it before the purchasing behavior of the brand's products, services and services is realized by the customers. A person who is an emotional entity acts by starting from his psychological, social and personal experiences in any behavior. Odors, colors, voices, etc. Sensations that address our senses also affect our behavior that shapes our cognitive world. We prefer a place with a decoration concept that makes us feel at home, we prefer a food chain where we buy the one we like, the one we use to find the same taste in our products, the one that we like in different packages, the one we like, and the connotations that these experiences create in our minds. The brands that are aware of this, provide "brand-new" experience to customers by creating a brand culture instead of "producing, selling." Markets like Apple, IKEA, Disney, and Amazon are signing work that brings in sound marketing experiences. Today, brands offer personalized experiences even in their digital ads. (For example Click here.) In addition to their personal experience, they also strengthen brand loyalty by creating community culture through mobile applications and services offered throughout the sales process.


Magnum Store

Create your own ice cream"In the world cities of New York, London, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Singapore, Paris and Istanbul,Pleasure Stores"The world famous ice cream brand Magnum, which opens concept stores, offers a unique example of marketing customer experience. At Magnum stores, which are described as a place of pleasure by the brand, customers can decorate their favorite ice creams in a variety of chocolate sauces. The Unilever - Magnum group, which has collaborated with the McCurrach advertising agency, which usually prepares campaigns to boost sales of major brands, has sold 23,600 ice - cream in four months by opening the Magnum Pleasure Store in London. 5 months campaign with advertising agency the world's number one Magnum Pleasure Store They also got the title. The greatest share of this title lies in the special training that Unilever has given to its staff in the store. The training included hygiene, embellishment of Magnum ice cream, and how employees interacted quickly and effectively with their personalities. With this specially grown team, a total of 8.000 hours of private service was offered to each customer during the 4 month summer period. In addition to the special Magnum ice cream that can be prepared in 200.00 different stores, hot chocolate and coffee varieties as well as different desserts are offered. The Magnum brand makes it possible for consumers to experience a unique experience by allowing them to interactively participate in stores that they identify with luxury and pleasure principles and the concept of pleasure points. Customers who have prepared their own special Magnum, I #benimmagnum The brand that enables Hashtags to be used in sharing on social media accounts, thus bringing customer experience marketing up to the next level interactive interaction the basis of it succeeds in increasing brand loyalty.

! Magnum Store Istanbul sold more than 1.5 times more Magnum than other Magnum stores on the opening day.


Adobe Experience Cloud

With Adobe's Experience Cloud service developed by Adobe for businesses, third-party developers can create their own integrations using Adobe Launch and constantly update them to make them sustainable. Using Launch's app store-like interface, brands can distribute web applications from Adobe and third-party developers, define which customer behaviors should be recorded, and decide how to use those data in their digital marketing tools. Businesses can combine data with integrated marketing tools to give each customer a unique and engaging experience.

In the robbery-based commercial, Adobe excellent customer experience in all situations the service that allows them to offer a humorous dille. The mobile application on the mobile phone of the thief who enters to rob the bank in the commercial film sends a notification to the computer of the taskman in the bank. As a result of the notification, the bank official sees that the thieves have already entered the bank's website and have checked the credit rates to buy a house. Later, he says that there are loan opportunities available to buy the house to buy the house. In the continuation of the advertisement, another progeny also clicks on the money from the bank to see that he receives information to pay the student loan. So, by announcing the Experience Cloud service with a humorously processed commercial movie, Adobe is delivering an impressive example of marketing customer experience to businesses.

Modern consumers do not consume the products; on the contrary, it consumes the meanings of the products. 

Jean Baudrillard, Sociologist


Starbucks, the number one coffee chain in the world, which opened its first store in 1971, continues to serve more than 21,000 stores in 65 countries today. The brand, which has created a community culture over the years, has consolidated this success with the experience that it offers to its customers. The company describes this experience with these words: "Our enthusiasm is not only about our coffee, but also about the experience that will complement it. Starbucks We choose everything from food that is compatible with your brassiere to complete your experience to music that completes the store environment. Our guests come to Chat with Starbucks, meet or work with their friends. We offer a social environment where everyone can come together and are part of their daily lives; nothing can make us happier than this."American psychologist and author Joseph Michelli"The Starbucks Experience"Is the secret behind the success of the brand; the experience offered to customers in each store depends on the cultures, the guarantee of customer loyalty, the individual communication established with the consumer and the strategies that keep the energy of the employees high. Employees in unpleasant situations "Latte Method"Michelli said that he had received training for producing solutions. with this tactic, firstly the customer complaints are taken into consideration by the employees, the problem solution is presented, and the reasons of the problem are explained with thanks and crowned. Employees are also encouraged to ask customers who come to the store to ask about their life and to create a friendly atmosphere.

Trademarks that are in love with Experience Marketing

The Starbucks experience does not end with that either. Although we were not confirmed by an official statement by the brand, our names are "knowingly" misspelled.  Cosmopolitan A Starbucks speaker who speaks to the magazine says employees use it as a marketing strategy. Because no one will share a coffee cup with the correct name on social media accounts. Misspelled names by customers enjoyable one experience It offers. Employees, however, also have the luxury of adding messages to coffee cups that make customers feel better. This enjoyable interaction between both employees and customers is a community feeling a permanent brand loyalty Creating. Starbucks, beyond being an ordinary coffee chain, is often imitated; energetic employees, relationship with customers, decoration of shops and playing music, offering a fruitful environment for those who want to study or work on the computer, and people are a joy and happiness point to meet with their friends. world number 1 coffee chain continues to be. Detailed study of Starbucks brand marketing experience here you can download it by clicking.

Today, digital tools and brands that are the basis of being strong on the global market,privileged"Feelings. The brands that offer personalized experiences are based on Saatchi & Saatchi's CEO Kevin Roberts Beyond being a brand through by consumers in love, a deep loyal and at the same time a respectable position Accessing. Kevin Roberts, "lovemark"Brands to be mystery wake upunusual stories about mark, symbols, myths), sensuality reflectionsounds, smells, images, tastes and touches appealing to the senses) and sincerity creation (loyalty, empathy and passion). For this reason, in the eyes of the customers life-long brand The best marketing strategy to create value is to market your experience. Techniques such as virtual reality, which is becoming more and more common nowadays, can also be used for this. Along with neuropsychological studies that treat people as "emotional beings" instead of "rational beings", strategies were developed for the understanding of human beings with their emotions, and brands began to offer a holistic experience to the masses of consumers.

Trademarks that are in love with Experience Marketing

What should you pay attention to when marketing your customer experience?

  1. If your employees are your priority. Treat your employees as your first customers. Do not forget! If they are happy, your customers will be happy too.
  2. your customers emotional connection The dry. Your products and services, customers "be able to touch.”
  3. Instantly true feedback received. Post-purchase postings through application or e-mail with customer satisfaction surveys and so on.
  4. your customers focus on individual needs and planning your future branding strategies.
  5. Listen to social media. Providing solutions to your customers' problems remembrance services The presentation.
  6. Take advantage of artificial intelligence. Create free chatbots for specific problems and provide solutions to your customers at special offers Is located.
  7. Please appreciate your customers. By giving special gifts thank you.
  8. your website live help service offering immediate reply Give and enrich the customer experience.
  9. Use an intimate language when communicating with customers. Instead of wearing a formal, cold style,Speak Human"Your understanding.
  10. Encourage interaction. It works on all digital media platforms, interactive communication environment The presentation. Shares you make user-focused be careful. For all positive or negative comments made to your submissions respond quickly and constructively.

Detailed infography dealing with customer experience ecosystem here by clicking on it.

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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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