Best Ad Types in Turkey

The most effective in our country ad types Among the; newspapers, magazines, television, outdoor advertising, and telephone search methods have been pushed to the second plan in recent years due to the development of digital advertising work. From the realization of sales and marketing goals to the acquisition of enduring customers, to providing information about periodic campaigns without creating brand dependency, advertisements have been an indispensable part of life and become an action.

The e-commerce companies that develop with the support they receive from technology and begin to appeal to more and more customers every day can focus on digital marketing in order to provide return on short budget with low budget but they do not have enough knowledge about which channels to use. Institutional firms that do not want to be among the losers and want to move confidently to the target they set, can communicate directly with the target user in the scale frame they set and transfer enough information about the service or the product they are selling.

Google Adwords

In advertising work that is carried out through Google search engine;

  • Search advertising
  • Product listing (shopping) ads
  • Display ads
  • Remarketing and
  • Video ads are available.

This type of advertising is now preferred in many different sectors and in different sectors, which enables internet users to visit websites, make use of campaigns, and most importantly be a permanent customer.

Companies that receive their power from digital media in the days when the traditional media loses their value can find the best channels for each product they want and can support brand awareness through advertising work. Although it seems very easy to reach the target group today thanks to creative advertising works used even on the edges of books, the width of the field can be shown as one of the most important reasons for difficulties.

Ad Types

Influencer Marketing

These studies, which are consistent with the brand identity and maintained with original and natural content, are the most popular ad types . The digital field has become a phenomenon;

  • youtuber on
  • Instagram celebrities
  • TV publishers and
  • This type of marketing that brings brands together can be one of the most effective ways to increase sales as well as brand awareness.

Campaigns prepared with support from social media can begin to address a wide range of interactions within a short period of time, thanks to work that focuses on customer experience in the product or service they will buy. The content supported by digital PR works will make a difference if the fiction that is presented as a name / name that is identified with the brand is realistic. Brands that offer content to share consumer experiences rather than talking about themselves influencer marketing examples of successful techniques; British Airways, Mercedes-Benz and Daniel Wellington shown.

What To Do Before a Successful Advertising Work

In the process of being involved in social media, it is necessary to conduct research and determine goals in order to be able to sustain a successful advertising campaign. The content to be prepared for the purchase of products or services can reach the desired success in a short period of time with the correct identification of the target kit and the correct orientation of the users. Being open to ideas and being ready for radical changes that will contribute to the work can be shown as one of the most successful methods for an effective outcome.

Evaluate Results at Each Step of Marketing

Rather than constantly implementing the specified campaign, evaluating the reaction from the target audience and throwing the future steps in the direction of the demands and most importantly not acting hastily can provide new strategies. At this stage, the people or institutions that benefit from influencer marketing are just the result of the focus and effort to overcome the obstacles that they face. It must never be forgotten that successful results in advertising and marketing require work, labor and patience.

Developing Advertising Strategies

Updated habits and changing trends ad types While the words are supported by creative slogans and visuals, the discourse of the users is also an indication of the success of the advertisement. In this sense, among the most talked about advertising examples in our country are;

Sharing is the Indicative of Attention

Ad strategies that reach the target audience in the most effective way, when they need to go to the business together when necessary, communicate about the brand and communicate with potential customers in an easy way, ensure effective and lasting results expected in the short run. Current developments should be closely monitored, especially in digital advertisements for organizations that are trying to create brand identity, have difficulties in awareness, and want to support their campaigns with advertising efforts to reach target sales.

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