99% of the ads do not sell your products

Being one of the legendary emperors of the advertising world, he started his 38-year-old agency life and became the world's most famous advertising writer in the first three years and succeeded in making the Dove brand the world's most recognized and bought soap David Ogilvy, 99% of the ads did not sell anything. Advertising creates awareness, attracts attention, sometimes is liked, sometimes it is hated, but it does not provide full efficiency when selling your products. The advertisements you give are not so appealing and creative, but they do not address what the consumers actually want. Because we forget that they are the people we see and recognize every day, sitting on our side apartment, passing by on the street. When we see them as consumers only, marketing myopia we live and observe what they want to buy, what they imagine, and what they have the power to buy.

In Turkey, the e - commerce site Did you know that the conversion made 100 visits to 99 of each mold as a visit just to buy?

Whether you are a company, a brand, the traditional advertising you give, or online technical tools you use, But none of them will be effective if I buy your products as much as a friend's advice to me or the real users I read on the internet. Because people trust what they know and they tend to take things they trust in without question. Consumers in brand content 92% he trusts familiar faces. Consumers do not define your brand, your company, the producers of products, and the managers in charge. How can they trust you when they take your products? Hele has a belief that nowadays everything is hormone, chemical content, harmful or inadequate.

99% of the ads do not sell your products

You can not make the consumers trust you. But you can make them trust your product users.

You do not have to worry about your brand with ads, big budget campaigns, and so you can trust your targeted users. The internet world known as "Influencer"expert"By making your secret brand face, consumers can travel around the internet for hours to get nothing, and you can make direct purchasing behavior. Influencer expert; blog writer, channel owner with millions of followers on Youtube, Instagram celebrity, or Twitter fenomen. These people have one common point. Your potential customers, who are followers, are locked, lovers. Scientific research shows that people are familiar with the definition of being they trust. In fact, the formula is simple. When one of their believers and their loved one recommends a product for their needs, it is better than that. That product is now reliable, accessible and affordable product became like that.

Let's imagine that you are a beauty brand selling natural products. I am also a consumer who is looking for an additive-free, non-parabolic, organic moisturizer for dry skin. The first thing I'll do is treat you to the need for a "with Google to". Later I look at the photos in Instagram, read blogs written about the subject and watch Youtube videos. When you come across a known influencer's videos and you know about your products, the product increases confidence. Because that product it is tested and shared with me at the beginning of the screen the viewer, which means my influencer values ​​me And now there is a special bond between us. When I look at the comments under the video afterwards, I observe how other users are satisfied with your product or what kind of experience they have. Write your product name in Instagram and say "Before and after"Photos. At this point, perhaps not so "famous" micro influencers to meet with. These micro influencers may not have hundreds of thousands of followers, but that's a good thing. Because these calculations are not managed by boots. Commenters under the posts are liked by real people, and they all express how satisfied they are with your product. At the end of the whole process, there is only one thing in my mind: "So this product really works."Then you go to the store you sell or go to your website to buy your product. Because of all the researches that I have made compared to the advertisements that create a huge budget, illusion perception, my product has increased my confidence. When I use the product, WOMM (word of mouth marketing) to your strategy User-Generated-Content (user-generated content) in the comments with the principle and writing on my blog etc. support. This has a far greater impact than any interaction you can achieve with a traditional advertising campaign. Because true, I am sincere and viral gossip effect creates.

99% of the ads do not sell your products

Do not advertise people to recognize your products, let them do the gossip of your products!

When we need a technological product, we go directly to a store, get information or be impressed by the commercial of the product and say, "Here I am!" The first thing we all did was to watch the videos on the internet and read the comments. Before buying a video card, someone who played a computer game on Youtube and named it "I would recommend the following display card if you want to play the world's best game X in visual effect with full performance option."Even if there are better options available on the market, I will immediately start researching the screen card. Because if the influencer expert suggests this, this product is the right product for me and may respond to all your needs.

Whatever your product is, it is possible to create an effective campaign with the right influencer expert who can match your product and reflect a holistic identity. Moreover, instead of huge budgeted and time-consuming ads that are not as effective as incentives to buy, or where creativity is doubtful, you can also strengthen the brand loyalty of consumers with organic content that offers reality, sincerity and reliability. All you have to do for this is CreatorDen to work with an influencer marketing company such as. You can think that we can do it ourselves. This idea will cause your mark to go down. You ask why? Today, Avis is the world's first car rental company, in 1962, one of the world's leading agencies, has made an agreement with DDB. Having been hurt for 13 years, Avis has won the second place by challenging the Hertz company, which has been the first in the American car rental market for years with the creative advertising campaign of the DDB agency, and as a result, it has gained world leadership worldwide today. During the market research for the campaign, both the DDB agency and the managers of the Avis company have the following posts: "Avis, advertising never knows as much as DDB, DDB never car rental business as much as Avis. " 

"Do not enter the creativity race with your agency. If you own a dog, why bark yourself? "David Ogilvy

Why do you try to find the right influencer for your mark when you try to distinguish between your potential, your possibilities and your energy, your brand, your products, and thousands of people? And while doing this with flexible and secure payment methods with more affordable options than with big budget ads? All you have to do is prepare a brief and leave the rest to your influencer marketing company. That's why you manage your brand, and your influencer marketing company gives you inspiring marketing campaigns You offer.



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Dilek Erdensoy
Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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