With Sports Influencers Do not Get Lacky in Summer!

Summer is coming. Everyone went into weight loss. Many have even begun to investigate dietary lists, healthy meals, sports activities that accelerate weight loss. All sports instructors the secret of staying in form70% healthy and balanced nutrition, 30% of the person says that the appropriate sports program. Continue to improve mental and physical health living process which means Wellness With the rising trend of obesity in the world, along with trendi (well - being), there is more than enough to ignore healthy and balanced individual integrity to change their lifestyles. Well eat healthy without giving up our personal taste is it possible? Whether it is our everyday life's intense tempo, Can we just do sports using our body? our dreams Is it impossible to get a healthy, vigorous and strong bodily image? We plan our meals both delicious only 20 minutes of activity per day Can we be the person we want to be? We prepared the answer to all these questions sports influencers You can find it in the Instagram accounts in the list.

Do not forget! If you believe in yourself and act, you can see the change you want in just a month. All you need to do feeling strong in your muscles to update your lifestyle to accomplish the person in your dreams. The important thing is not only to be weak, but to make your youth sustainable to reflect your strong personality with a strong and vigorous body.

With Sports Influencers Do not Get Lacky in Summer!

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Ece Vahapoğlu

Writer, journalist, server and wellness teacher Ece Vahapoğlu'nun, healthy life and sports There are 7 books in total, including 4 on the personal development and novel category. He is a columnist in various newspapers, magazines and web sites. They organize seminars on healthy life, sports and nutrition, organize events and take part in social responsibility projects. At the same time as a certified Wellness Trainer from the Ministry of Youth and Sports Sports for All Federation the project is in charge of the vice president. fit21 Workout where the exercise program named in blogs; health, nutrition, lifestyle, sports and wellness. On a YouTube account Japanese breathing technique, vlogs on lifestyle with effective motivation techniques, stretching and tightening movements. 438 thousand people followed by the Instagram account; healthy weight loss camps, balance and concentration, yoga, pilates, healthy nutrition tips, recipes and sporting activities. Ece Vahapoğlu, Acer in the contest organized by the Film and 50 thousand on Turkey's Stars of which is determined by public voting, Best Celebrity Sports Bronze has been the first in the branch.


the pinarsabanc

Having studied Entrepreneurship at Boston Babson College and then having a healthy home cooking project Misa KitchenPınar Sabancı is a member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. Opening Happy, Slim, Healthy is offering door to door boutique service to its customers with its 5-minute menus prepared according to the age, height, weight, gender and movement rate of the people in Misa Kitchen. To enter the form calorie calculated menus cold squeeze detox drink their service has also passed on. With 387 thousand followers in the Instagram account, they share their nature activities, long walking tours and healthy nutrition ideas with their followers stay fit It inspires you.


eminebasari is

Emine Dilek Başarır is a graduate of Anadolu University Preschool Teaching Department, a pilates coach and a yoga lover. After having been involved in athletics and volleyball for a long time, he had a break in professional sports life after a disabling injury in 1999 and he overcame his illness by making pilates. Sports everywhere Emine Hanım adopting the philosophy; It proves that it is possible to do sports even at home, when children go to the park or even in the office environment. Without leaving your office you can do, sports and healthy life influencer'in Emine Hanim's practical expression of simple exercise movements here by clicking on it. For the Instagram account where 125,000 followers are located and sports activities that you can do mainly without any equipment at home, he says: "Another goal is for everyone to have a sports club to work out, or simple materials at home without the need for expensive equipment they can work.


the gokcenarik

Gökçen Arıkan, who has met sport at a young age thanks to his parents' athletic identity, graduated from Anadolu University Physical Education Sports Teaching and Coaching Department. He has trained in fitness, personal trainer, pilates and yoga both at home and abroad. Gokçen Hanım, who has been a fitness instructor for many years, Nike Master Trainer and Lifestyle Fitness Coach It continues as. On the one hand GA Project under the name sports clubs while on the other hand, in blogs health, nutrition, recipes and sports categories to inform their readers what they need to do to achieve their goals. Expert TV postnatal tightnessor videos here by clicking on it. 110 thousand followers in the Instagram account both by participating in the GA Project students who have changed before / after photos the secrets of staying fit in a healthy waysharing motivations and giving motives to their followers.


muratB is

Murat Bür, who graduated from Uludağ University Physical Education and Sports Department, spent 12 years in the football school of Bursaspor. Gymstick has been a fitness instructor at various institutions, receiving expertise in gravity, kinesis, pilates and yoga. In group lessons and personal training sessions, your own body weight by keeping their work on the front natural and muscular body structure trying to keep his ilk alive. Get Fit with Murat Bür  on a YouTube account called Skechers Turkey with Exercise Awareness Project In addition to the video scope has traveled to Turkey, exercise fingers according to body types, postpartum weight loss, healthy lifestyle advice, and dietary recipes. Instagram account of 98 thousand people motivates followers and training programs and healthy recipes and shares the square of private life.



Doris Hofer, a certified trainer who successfully passed the American Council on Exercise (ACE) exam, has been involved in sports since his childhood as a personal affair. Doris, a 46-year-old boy with 2 children, says that, unlike many bloggers, she is not a story that goes from being obese to being fit, she is in a self-reported form, and that it depends on the health lifestyle. Squatgirl on his blog, he talks about sports, nutrition and beauty as well as his travels on how he is in form. On a YouTube account in exercises that burn fat rapidly within minutes and sharing movements that can be done at home. Instagram, where more than 96 people are involved, motivates their followers for a healthy life by sharing the correct application of sports movements and training programs. Besides all this Entering the form in 20 stepsyi "Your Honor"There is also a book called. If you want to know how fit you are, the test Doris here you can solve it by clicking.


the murat.demirc

Personal trainer Murat Demirci also played Manuel Fernandes, a midfielder who played in Beşiktaş for a while. Murat Bey, who carried the fitness instructor to social media, has been trained by his personal account as well as 311 thousand people Day Exercise Instagram account for sharing fitness, pilates, yoga, healthy life and nutrition. It does not require any registration or fee that Istanbul has held in various places training events also gives free coaching services to his followers on certain days of the week.


Social media influencersbrands recognize the impact of sharing on the lifestyle of Internet users, brands, marketing strategies influencer marketing method. The Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington has worked with hundreds of influencers Company value in five years from 150 thousand dollars to 200 million dollars he managed to get out. There are hundreds of branding examples that have been successful in working with Influencers. (See: How to Become a $ 500 Million Brand with a Single Influencer?) In sports industry the place of traditional marketing social media marketing with influencers began to take. At the 2016 Rio Olympics official sponsor NBC and Coca Cola even cooperation with influencers they did not violate the 40th rule of the olympia and they signed the signatures of the promoters of the contestants they sponsored. (According to rule 40, other sponsors other than official sponsors can not use the hashtag related to the Olympics during the days of the competition and share the photos of the competitors.)

With Sports Influencers Do not Get Lacky in Summer!


Social media users influencersın almost every moment of their lives, virtual family and all feelings live together. Influencers are influenced by the sharing of their own lives are also going to change. Especially sports influencers healthy life own real experiences and motivate their followers. Sport influencers With their recommended exercises, smart clocks, fitness suits and sporting equipment, it is helpful not only to change their followers' lives, but also to ensure that the brands reach a wider audience. If you have products, services, applications and services in the sports sector, cooperations with sports influencers while reaching a wider audience your brand's reputation as well as you can increase your sales rates. That's all you need to do here click on CreatorDen influencer marketing platformusing nu match the right influencers for your brand. If you are a brand that serves in a different sector, you can look at the following lists to see what influencers in other categories are doing.


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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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