Special Olympics Turkey: Game Life Comes Together!

Special Olympics Turkey influencia Marketing Story

which aims to provide a socializing life through special children sports Special Olympics Turkey starting as of February "We Donations special" to increase the awareness of the campaign and the masses influencia conducted jointly with the creatore in order to redirect to donate marketing work displayed more than 2 million and reached to 210 thousand interaction figures. influencia in Turkey stands out as the marketing of non-governmental organizations using the most successful Special Olympics Turkey, not only the brand of civil society organizations ought to believe influencia also showed the power of marketing.

The aim of the campaign

has been operating since 1982 in Turkey and 2005, the world's largest non-governmental Special Olympics, one of the organizations continue their actions as representative of Turkey Special Olympics, the way out to try a campaign methods never before trial. The campaign "Donate Us Special" aimed to socialize children in need of special education in 6 different sports branches through individual games and team games, to encourage them to raise public awareness about the inclusion of sports in their daily lives and to donate to society in the campaign.

Campaign Method

Special Olympics as a method of trying to be too accustomed to civil society organizations in Turkey, he added influencia method is the conventional media marketing communications. The influencers identified by the challenge created by the campaign in conjunction with CreatorDen's CreatorDen launched the red ball, which is also the logo of the Special Olympics, so that they both shared the message in a casual way and announced the donation campaign to a very large audience. Many names from Şahan Gökbakar to Ezgi Mola and Mustafa Ceceli to Murat Dalkılıç participated in the challenge and directed their followers to the campaign "Donate to Us".

You can watch the video we gathered together the contents of the names supporting the campaign by throwing the red ball of the Special Olympics!


With 36 influencers that have massive follower masses from fashion to life, from sports to dining, we have over 2 million video views and nearly 210 interaction results in the Specials Donate red ball challenge.

36 Influencer
209.631 interaction

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