What is the Preference for Colors in Social Media Strategies?

Colors are used as one of the important elements of marketing by their psychological effects. Such that; a consumer who sees the product of any brand for the first time is looking at its colors primarily when looking into it. Thanks to the positive or negative messages that the colors used on the product wake up on their own, they decide to buy or not to buy it. This situation is also very important for brand perception. The logos and colors of the brands can determine our thoughts and preferences about that brand.

In the effect of colors on social media, the system works just as we talked about before. Especially in corporate social media management, brands can sometimes go beyond their own colors in line with the targets set in their advertising campaigns.

The Importance of the First 90 Seconds in the Formation of an Idea

Social media are one of the situations where brands or the influencers they collaborate with must be aware of when creating their campaigns, within the first 90 seconds of the user's thinking about the product. It 90 seconds the effect of the colors %60 with %90 . So we are starting to get interested in a brand or product by being affected by 90% of colors in the first 90 seconds. For this reason, while brands create social media strategy, whatever their products want to address, they need to use the colors appropriate to that audience. Because the colors can also vary as the colors that women and men love.

What Are the Colors That Address Men and Women?

What are these colors appealing to men and women? According to the researches, the colors that appeal to women consist mostly of vivid colors from earth tones. Women who prefer blue, purple and green tones frequently do not always prefer gray, orange and brown. Accordingly, marketers who are considering making a social media campaign for women may prefer to use vibrant colors in their website and product designs.

The colors preferred by men are blue, green and black, while the undesirable colors include purple, orange and brown. For this reason, we can see that black and blue colors are frequently used for men, especially from shampoo ads to clothes ads.

The Effects of Colors on Us

We can better understand the psychological dimension of the matter, if the warm and cold separating colors will tell us about the effects we have left. Accordingly, while some of the colors evoke enthusiasm, others can provide more calmness or seriousness. For example, red; is one of the main colors of many fast food brands because it is one of the appetizing colors. The orange color is used in places that want to give the thought of "Buy it as soon as possible" because it causes more sudden decision making impulse. For this reason, we are encountering orange on the logos of many sites that are selling online or in site design. Green color is more commonly associated with concepts such as calmness, nature and health, so it can be used in the sale of light products or in coffee brands. Purple color can be associated with spiritual issues because of its emotional and mental impact. Besides these colors, it is also known as black luxury and yellow is the color of happiness.

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