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The summer we had been waiting for the whole winter was over! It is the greatest dream of all of us to sunbathe after a busy period. So we have prepared a small list of suggestions for places to go for you this summer. We know that in these places we will see photos of the influencers we followed during the summer. Maybe we can meet one of them in a happy hour.

Here are 6 places that are popular in social media and should be visited this year!

1) Muğla - Datça

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Located at the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean, Datça is a paradise for those who want to leave the city in summer and make a peaceful holiday by the sea. You can feel yourself in the Maldives with its clear sea and still undiscovered shores. Especially Palamutbükü, Kargı Bay and Taşlık Beach are among our suggestions. In the region where night life is not very common, you can spend time in the restaurants on the beach side and then come to concerts or events that are summer nights in the ancient theater. You can visit the ancient city of Knidos, you can hear the lines of Can Yücel in the streets of old Datça.

2) Antalya - Kaş

A great reason to translate the route in the summer to the Mediterranean: Kaputas! You descend from the winding roads through the mountains and take you to this turquoise shore. Do not go to Kas without enjoying this view that will warm you up. At the same time, Kas is taking Antikhellos and Xanthos Antique cities to the past. We recommend you to dive in the koi kayaks that swim in the aquarium and follow the traces of the caretta caretta puppies on Patara beach.

3) Izmir - Alaçatı

Not only this summer, but the place to be included in our summer list, Alaçatı is a sweet town with narrow streets with lavender-scented cobbled streets. As you step into Alaçatı you will meet historical windmills. Here you can enjoy the sunset while enjoying coffee and catch great photos. You must taste the famous Kumru of Izmir and the natural calamari smelling of the Alaçatı market which is established every Saturday. We recommend you to enjoy the happy hour and the azure waters in the delightful beaches and try the windsurfing.

4) Çanakkale - Assos

Located in the village of Behramkale in Çanakkale, Assos is a town with many atmospheres covered with stone houses where many communities have lived throughout history. You can admire the Temple of Athena at the top of the city and the blue-eyed view of the Aegean in the ancient city of Assos, built on an old volcanic hill, with nearly 1000 years of history. Since the new construction was not allowed in the village, old cute houses were preserved and the texture of the town did not deteriorate. We recommend you take the pleasure of the sea at Kadırga Bay. Leave yourself in the sun and rest in the olive trees.

5) Muğla - Fethiye

Fethiye, which is considered as the most tourist attracting region and publicity face of our country, embraces you with its unique natural beauties and blue sea. You can go to the Valley of Butterflies from Oludeniz and you can find peace in nature's greenery by trekking after swimming in the rippling sea covered with pine trees. You can refresh your skin with the mud bath in Saklıkent Canyon, which embraces those who want to cool off when the sun is at the top, and you can experience adrenalin with rafting and safaris. It is possible to travel to the past by visiting Antique Cities such as Patara, Letoon which are rich in history. We recommend that you photograph Dalyan King Tombs from the sea because it is possible to cross the caretta caretta from the side of the craft.

6) Serbia - Belgrade (bonus *)

Visa-free nations Serbia is a great route for those who would like to work abroad in the summer but not for the visa. Located at the intersection of the Danube and Sava rivers, the capital city of Belgrade is able to attract tourists to both the historical buildings and the river-side night clubs that are famous for their language. In Kalemegdan, the most popular point of the city, you can enjoy the view from above and enjoy shopping at Knez Mihailova street.

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