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Social media celebritiesattracts the attention of both internet users and brands with their sharing on digital platforms. Social media celebrities are becoming an event almost every step they take. They are closely followed by their followers and not only with their own submissions, but also with their comments to each other. So even some sweet or hard shots between the two social media celebrities keep the digital media's agenda busy. Who are these social media celebrities? Where does your fame come from? What are the roles in social media? Why are brands pursuing social media celebrities?

Working with Social Media Professionals, Phenomenons and Influencers


Who Is This Social Media Famous Person?

Social media celebrity; people who use social networks actively, reach out to a wide audience by drawing attention with their share. Why are so many social media celebrities so involved in our lives? Is there any benefit to us?

With social media networks starting to use people of all ages extensively around the world, traditional agendas have taken on the digital agendas. We are now following up on what is happening in the world over social media. Instead of traditional means of communication such as television and newspapers, we benefit from social networks that provide faster and instant follow-up. With all this communication and the digital trend that changes the perception of the world, we are not only aware of the developments from our familiarity, such as the expansion of a ring to a public circle, but also from their surroundings and gradually expanding to the uppermost layer. Even Six Degrees of Separation (Sixth Grade of Divinity) theory, you are only 6 friends away from anybody in the world. According to the Hungarian writer Frigyes Carinthy, with the increase of the world population and the decrease of the social contexts, you can reach the man in only 6 steps. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, said that this figure was 3.57 friends and changed between 2.9 and 4.2.

Working with Social Media Professionals, Phenomenons and Influencers


It's easy to get to the Hollywood celebrity that we're fans of, and it's also evident why social media is so involved in our lives. With social networks, we do not only receive news from around the world or the world, but also provide material and spiritual gains by following the sharing of our interests. Those who have made the greatest contribution to this gain are undoubtedly social media celebrities. Healthy life influencers followed by advice on the weight loss process. Sports inflators we try to get rid of our excess pounds with tried and proven methods. Eating - drinking influencers We arrive instantly on unusual and delicious tariffs. Decorating influencers we discover happy ideas that will make our home beautiful. Even trip influencers not just admire with their share, "I can do it too!"We pick up the suitcases and we go on our own mini trips. Especially sharing of influential social media celebrities we are both enjoying and changing our lives by taking advantage of their experiences.

Working with Social Media Professionals, Phenomenons and Influencers


Social Media Professions and Social Media Phenomena Are Same?

Social media celebritiesas well as popular people who are followed by millions and almost everybody has a little bit of a reputation for, are also included in the "low reputation" category. In fact, social media, "under fame" accounts opened in the name of these people are also included in the sharing. You can often come across comments on Internet users' photographs of social media celebrities in the "less famous" category. Social media celebrities are people who are followed by a certain group of people regardless of the number of followers, even if they are liked or criticized. Social media phenomena they can reach millions of people by sharing their appreciation with time, and they can become phenomena with an unusual sharing they do. The difference of phenomena from social media fame, they can reach a much wider audience instantly and form an agenda with every sharing they make. Phenomena can be said to be the person who has become a rock star of social media, the social media celebrity has reached a limited popularity. Phenomena and social media celebrities share a common point are funny from their everyday life and share their attention in general. Neither offers a benefit. We can refer to this as talk shows on television channels. There is a sense of entertainment for fast consumption. Does not the social media celebrities benefit at all?

Working with Social Media Professionals, Phenomenons and Influencers


What is Social Media Influencers' Phenomena and Social Media Families?

Although social media celebrities and phenomena may be found in entertainment-oriented exchanges, they may also benefit from being phenomenal and famous. At this point it is no longer just an ordinary social media celebrity influencer identity they become clothed. Social media influencers they can make ordinary or fun and enjoyable sharing from their daily life. But they share their real experiences in their followers' minds, guide them with advice, Internet Authority and Expert . What they build with their followers trust and sincerity the end result is a virtual one community Form. Phenomena do not have to offer a benefit when they viralize with what they do. In the same way, ordinary social media celebrities do not have to prove anything or act in order to be beneficial to their followers. Social media influencers are also social media celebrities. Those who have fewer than 10 followers and do not usually come out of their category micro influencer ; macro influencers More than 10 followers and digital identities are people with a larger domain, depending on the popularity rate. Not every social media celebrity is an influencer. but every influencer micro or macro level social media celebrity. Likewise, not every social media can be a phenomenal influencer, but influencers can become phenomena by making viral sharing. (See: These Influencers Who Drift After Millions Da Kim Who?)

Working with Social Media Professionals, Phenomenons and Influencers


What is the Influencers' Role in Social Media as a Social Media Celebrity?

It is beneficial to the influential people who are the opinion leaders of the Internet. Lifestyle, healthy life, decoration, sightseeing, make-up, fashion, eating-drinking, sport and fitness etc. In addition to conveying personal information and know-how in the categories, real ideas they share. They do not go to the wrong direction by respecting their followers. Interacting with your followers sincere and trusting they form an environment. In this way, they are loyal to themselves and act with community consciousness. Social media influencers Not only do they benefit their followers, but they also bring their brands together. Influencers that are the voice of the brand in social media, while they inform their followers of the products, services and services that will benefit them, they also act as intermediaries for brands to reach a wider audience as well as a specific audience of beneficiaries. In this context, influencers play a leading role and medium role in social media. In fact, many brands have discovered the power of social media influencers instead of traditional celebrities. (See: How to Become a $ 500 Million Brand with a Single Influencer?)

Working with Social Media Professionals, Phenomenons and Influencers


Why should brands collaborate with Social Media Influencers?

One of the legends of the advertising world David Ogilvy, 99% of the ads do not sell anything He said. Advertisements attract attention, are appreciated, criticized, sound, but the traditional methods of selling products are not particularly effective. (See: 99% of the ads do not sell your products) 92% of customers trust familiar faces in brand content. In the simplest case, do you believe that a reputation for introducing a hair care product you see in television commercials is a cliche that money is saying, or does your best friend recommend the same product? Likewise, consumers no longer believe the words of traditional advertising; Even if your Swiss scientists are the result of your research. But in the social media they have been following closely for a long time, almost like a virtual family member, social media influencer when it comes to recommending a product in the context of its own real experience, the followers of the brand, which are also potential customers, are approaching that product more sympathetically. The power of the Influencers is coming from here. Can reprogram recruitment behaviors of followers and the desired actions can be taken. Product reliable, accessible and can be purchased content still produced by influencers (User-Generated-Content: user-generated contentgossip effect (WOMM: word of mouth marketing) to reach a wide audience. Of today most effective marketing strategy are methods that are digitally focused. In this context, while the strategy is being managed appropriately compared to traditional methods, the strategy that provides the opportunity to reach a broader audience in the fastest way is an influencer marketing. (See: What is Influencer Marketing?)

Working with Social Media Professionals, Phenomenons and Influencers


How Can Brands Collaborate With Social Media Influencers?

Products, services and services fast, efficient, convenient and flexible payment methods with brands that want to advertise with massive amounts, social media influencers collaborating with creative marketing campaigns. First of all, personaYou should draw a picture like a picture. You should then arrive at the influencer that best reflects this Persona and plan content appropriate to influencer's follower budget. It is not up to you to keep track of influencer's followers that you should not forget. The briefs you offer to Influencer are important to create content that is right for you, but you should not interfere too much, you should free him by relying on your influencer. Because your influencer knows better about their followers, their reactions, what they love and what they do not like. Once you have the content appropriate to the influencer's followers who are also your potential customers, analyze during and after the campaign, you should reshape your future strategies according to the results. Do not panic if you encounter a failed campaign. Did you choose the influencer that will convey your message in the most accurate way? Is the correct hashtags been used? Would you be benefiting from the customer? Did the promised discounts and opportunities were sufficient? Do you know enough the audience you are addressing? etc. Ask in depth and do an in-depth analysis and reshape your campaigns. (See: Why Are Marketers Failing in Influencer Markets?) Influencer marketing you can work with agencies in your work and manage processes more easily. CreatorDen influencer marketing platform that pays 1 million TL to Influencers in the last year agencies, as well as providing both convenient and flexible payment methods for your marketing efforts match your most influencers to your brand . (Why should I work with an influencer agency? See Influencer Marketing Agency What is your mark?)

Working with Social Media Professionals, Phenomenons and Influencers


CreatorDen in Your Collaboration with Influencers Who Are Social Media Professionals How does your brand provide a benefit?

CreatorDen; branded influenza marketing campaigns is a platform that brings together advertisers and influencers. of brand CreatorDen allows you to quickly match with the right influencers you can reach hundreds of influencers instantly in one panel on the influencer marketing platform. You can design a marketing project with hundreds of influencers increasingly difficult to get from social media with the time you will spend a single influencer on this count. Your more effective influencer marketing campaigns than traditional methods flexible payment methods You can also do with. Moreover you determine yourself in your budget. In this context, you will not only lose time by reaching the influencers who will cooperate in the direction of the budget you specify. All influencer marketing efforts you make through CreatorDen instantly scaled;  CPC, CPA, CPM etc. work done in some cases. Apart from the influencers on the platform, CreatorDen's project team You can also pass your dreams on extraordinary projects by making your brand special creative edits.

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