How to Make Money by Directing Online Shopping Through Social Media Accounts

Now, forget about everything that comes to your mind when you say traditional sales. Since the beginning of the first use, the sales term, which has different social interaction processes, has evolved differently through the use of social media accounts, but since the concept of digitalization has become an indispensable part of our lives, the transformation in social media has started to change in a different direction.

Social media sales aim to make consumers purchase by tapping social media channels, very commonly using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and reaching out to potential consumers and using these networks or directing them to online web sales platforms. In other words, while waiting for people to notice brands, brands want to catch them on social media accounts and make sales. Small and medium-sized businesses can earn money with online shopping made by consumers. Given that potential consumers are now spending most of their time on social media accounts based on their interests and social circles, it's nice to be able to capture people in social media and direct them to online shopping with potential products to print.

As a CreatorDen team, we have brought together digital solutions from social media accounts to meet the growing consumer dissatisfaction with sales and influencer marketing.

Making Money With Online Shopping

Along with the digitization revolution of consumers, which form their place in everyday life, consumers also show a change in buying behaviors in the same way. Just as the ad's social media shares (ads) started to fall on a terribly fast-paced curve when they first started using it with great interest by marketing specialists, and now with nearly 200 million ad-bloc users, we are faced with a similar change in sales.

Against traditional advertisements, consumers are now largely out of touch with content that has been lost and consumed by consumers, constantly competing in different social media accounts, and being created by brands and driving them to buy. This shows that online shopping behaviors that change shape also change the ways of making money from these online shopping. When it is thought that most of the potential consumers still spend most of their time on these social media accounts, a whole new way to keep them alive is emerging: influencer marketing.

How Influencer Marketing Online Reshapes Shopping Habits

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Influencer marketing has been reshaping "mouth-to-mouth marketing" with digital trends, which has been one of the key tools of marketing for many years; bringing together influencers, social media accounts and brands with high impact, which consumers are already following and trusting, and delivering consumer experiences in a more organic way.
Given the fact that consumers are increasingly unresponsive to sales campaigns led by branded social media accounts, it is very clear that influencers are becoming more and more preoccupied with the target audience in directing consumers to online shopping.

Here are 4 steps to integrating influencer marketing into online shopping with a solution partner like CreatorDen:

  • Make your brand's social media accounts more visible by working with an influencer that already suits your target brand and is using your brand.
  • Now make sure that your business partner's relevant mass of influencer includes your social media accounts.
  • Share with your followers step by step how influencer buys your brand's products over your social media accounts with different content sharing.
  • The promotional codes, gift certificates, lotteries, etc. you will hear through the influencer you work with will be followed up by followers. With marketing tools, change the buying decision of consumers to their own favor!


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