How to Create the Right Social Media Strategy

The brands and institutions that want to be in the online market are now the most important force in social media. While the situation emerges so clearly, a different problem actually comes with it: the right and the good returns social media strategy how to create it?

The use of social media is free, work with ads at a cost-effective target audience , gives the clue that brands can get brilliant results even in a short period of time if the social media strategy is set up correctly. Moreover, the fact that people directly receive official and first-hand information about brands and institutions makes social media more important. At this stage, it is important to pay attention to what is to be done for the right social media strategy;

Identify the brand

In order to create a social media strategy, the brand must be analyzed in a good way. With someone who will work with an agency or social media strategy. The correct understanding and recognition of the brand is a priority in building the right social media strategy. In this context, the following questions should be answered:

  • What does the brand sell, what does it offer?
  • Who uses products or services?
  • Where is the customer base and do you trust the brand?
  • What is the customer satisfaction, what are the expectations of the customer?
  • What is the target of the mark? What is the current situation to reach the target?
  • Do social responsibility projects matter?

Target audience recognition

The right reinforcements always give the desired result. In this context, each content shared from social media account must be a trigger for follower and customer volume. In order to prepare such content, it is necessary to recognize the customer's mass of the brand and to work towards the target group. Using different practices and side applications with CRM programs can give correct results at this stage. If target audience identification is done for the first time, it is necessary to identify the brand and extract target audience characteristics accordingly.


Another important step in the social media strategy is competitors. In social media, it is also important to be ahead of competitors, to attract the attention of competitors' followers and to provide sales promoting and brand-loyal content. For this reason, it is an important detail for the social media strategy to learn what social media strategy is for the competitors and to take advantage of this position.

Being Global

The study of globalization, even if only to a brand that offers the example of Turkey and abroad, a fact that should not be ignored monitoring of brands and work.

Reporting, Analysis and Revision

As the social media strategy will not be constant, it needs to make an accurate analysis by taking reports from the people or brands' works. This analysis will also determine in the future of the work, so reporting, analyzing and making various revisions on the social media strategy accordingly are important details for the social media strategy.

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