Why Does Consumer Confidence Play a Significant Role in Marketing Strategies of Technology Markets?

Strong branding process is the result of careful planning and rigorous work for brands. It is not enough for the brand to be just a name, to be a brand. It is necessary that the value of a brand be distinguished from the competitors by the consumers in order to be recognized and bought by the consumers. Being able to create a strong brand concept starts with consumer confidence. Being a trustworthy brand is also a concept that has a lot of importance nowadays because it will bring loyal customers with it.

Especially in the technology brands, we see that the consumers only take the brand into consideration and buy the product by taking one step back the features in the demanded products. For example, for the recently released Iphone model, the queues that buyers make in Apple show this. It is possible to create a successful brand but it can be achieved by positioning the brand differently from its competitors in the consumer's perception and providing consumer confidence. How can this perception be formed and how can branding benefit from this influencer marketing?

How can Peki brands make this perception?

To be a trustworthy brand and to create consumer confidence, you should be able to say 'You can trust this product' for every brand new product. The trademark's distinctive emblem, color, can distinguish it from the others. At the same time, the brand can keep its promises to its consumers from its inception, and its continuity is a factor that reinforces its reliability. Reliable and powerful brands can create their own masses and create a specific group membership. Being able to create a loyal audience with more consumer confidence and purchasing power also increases the value of the brand.

Where does Influencer Marketing take place in the process of creating consumer confidence?

Consumers are keen to read comments from other users or company's customers to get more accurate and realistic information when they want to buy a new product. They make purchasing decisions in the direction of this information. Every day more users refer to platforms like Youtube and Instagram for product recommendations, product reviews, and tutorial content. World famous brands are now aware of this trend. For example, Apple's YouTube channel has more than 3 million followers.

Influencers also frequently share content on the use of their recommended and recommended products on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The products used by the audience leaders have different effects on the target groups according to the content. Potential buyers can find answers to questions such as product specifications, user experiences and prices on social media and make choices based on these evaluations. At the same time, if the brand is included in the contents of the influencers, it may create a mass audience who is not interested in using that product, but who is interested in the product because of the trust that influencer has.

In addition to product advice, malfunctions or problems related to the product are being discussed too much on social media platforms, which makes it possible for the brand's website to rank high in the search engines. If the service provided after the sale is working properly, the problem about the product is seriously addressed and answered, and if the necessary assistance is provided, the confidence of the customers and potential consumers on the brand is increasing considerably. The quality of after-sales services, which is a frequently mentioned process in social media, the choice of brand, the adherence to the brand, and the creation of consumer confidence.

As the day goes on in our digitalizing world, brands must keep up with this change in terms of brand image and reliability. Especially in the technology sector, once the consumer confidence is shaken, it can change the idea of ​​a loyal customer base. In the context of social media's role in our lives, positive or negative news spreads through an avalanche. Influencer marketing plays a very important and influential role in the branding of consumer confidence and the protection of this trust through cooperation with social media influencers.

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