Fake Follower Can not Fare

Social media is a second world. People in this world want to be recognized just like in the real world. There are a lot of real efforts for this. But sometimes there are those who want to achieve this in a short way. They usually do this in an illegal way. Hundreds of computer engineers and software think they will fool you, but they give you the greatest damage. This method disturbs their own reputation, as well as their true followers. Lakin is unfortunately the most influential social media user who has ever dreamed of becoming an "influencer" or "phenomenon". He dreams you can grow up with fake followers. However, he is not happy with the false follower.

On the other hand, brands can be mistaken when searching for the real influencer and waiting for service from him. Even though the period-time platforms have done extensive cleanings, there are still many fake profiles on every platform. Moreover, there are people who have made it into profession, unfortunately. These people, who are fake followers, sell false accusations, do not hesitate to disrupt the rules of the game.

Now let's come to the real question;

'' How do you know if an account is inflated by fake followers or is it really a result of your job? ''

Let's explain this with a few articles;

1- Followers are Suddenly Increased

Social mediaBeing a phenomenon is not a job at night; It is the result of a labor. The interest in content produced in social media allows you to be noticed by people. For this you have to be patient and constantly produce something that will appeal to people.

But those who buy counterfeit followers suddenly lose their majority after a while as they raise their followers. No social media account is experiencing sudden decline and sudden rise.

We can not add that a special study and accounts that increase the number of followers in a very short time is not fake. As the production continues, the number of followers will also rise organically.

2- If the followers are not regular

If you are not a numbered phenomenon, and you are not broadcasting on more than one branch, it is almost impossible for your followers to be anywhere in the world. If you look at a social media account, you see that you are a follower from all over the world, and if you realize that it is not an account of a world famous person, you are most likely faced with an account with a fake follower.

Fake follower areas; Among the followers you will see are people from far away countries, far from Arab countries. But what if a person who does not speak a word of Turkish follows a Turkish-speaking phonomen?

3- Interaction to Shares Low

The number of followers on a social media account looks like 10,000 or more; but this is not normal if your hobbies are of little liking. In an organic growing account, followers follow each account holder's share with curiosity. This is a continuum. This keeps the average number of tastes constant between certain numbers.

On the other hand, spam comments are shared on accounts that are shared, or if there are no comments, the situation is abnormal. The account you have observed in these two cases has probably bought a fake follower.

Why should you be a Fake Follower?

If you want to be a phenomenon, you need to know that your name will be a brand. Your brand is the last thing you want to hurt. Phenomena grow up with their reputation and creativity.

Spam comments made on your shares, constant fluctuation of your follower count, organic followers will be charged from your account. On the other hand, the brands that will want to work with you will always create obstacles in the way of making the final step of working with you, creating skepticism in their minds.

Also; just as in real life there is no friendship with money. Fake followers who will buy will be able to see you like other accounts without your consent as you will be going in a few hours. Or when the place you bought a fake follower closes, all those fake followers go away. Of course not only fake followers are wiped out. Deleted fake followers also wipe out your reputation and trust in you.

You can not interact with fake followers. A fake follower can not make a reasonable comment, nor can he criticize it. Or he can not just give you a message and ask you a question. This is why you do not develop your ways of communicating with people and that you actually deceive yourself.

As a result;

If you want to be a phenomenon, you have to labor. The destinations you want to reach in a short way will take you back from where you were after a while.

Buy fake followers? Or are you going to use real communication ways and succeed?

Your choice is yours.

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