New Update of Professional Social Network: LinkedIn Video Upload Feature

Linkedln, which is prominent in the business world and called social networks of professionals, continues to develop itself according to the needs in line with technological advancements, and the latest innovation is the LinkedIn video upload feature.

LinkedIn presented the tagging feature to the end user a few years ago to increase interactivity as one of these requirements. This contact, known as contact, was misled by LinkedIn, an assistant who reminded the new jobs and birthdays of the people attached to the user's list. Immediately after this feature, it took important steps in terms of content by adding the Pulse service which enables the content to be displayed on mobile devices. After many important developments like this, Linkedin's handles for videos and voices have been stuck. With the services like YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud, the agreement allows users to upload audio and video. Those who wanted to make Linkedl's profile more prominent than other users were more interested in these visual elements.

In April 2017, LinkedIn announced that it had approximately 500 million users, and will be introducing video uploading capability from within the app on mobile devices to its users over the coming months. This update, along with a chance to upload previously taken videos, will also allow you to download videos from within the application. With the video upload update, LinkedIn will be very similar to Facebook, which constantly integrates features similar to those in Snapchat.

In fact, Twitter and Facebook will have the ability to capture video both vertically and horizontally within the application, and will automatically play the videos uploaded and shared in the application on the main page. Thus, users will be able to customize a visual content marketing to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn video update, which allows video content producers to record videos for up to 10 minutes, will share video information with the user. The system will upload these videos to the end user's profile; will share detailed statistics such as watching, sharing, likes, etc. with the video owner. LinkedIn, with this feature, unlike other social media platforms, each user who watches the video will be informed about the video, such as where he works and what he does.

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