Beverage Devi Coca Cola How did you raise Brand Awareness with Influencers?

Beverage giant Coca ColaSince its foundation in 1886, it has become a global power in the beverage industry. Pharmacist Dr. Coca-Cola, which was produced by John S. Pemberton as a medicine and subsequently marketed as a soft drink with a few changes, has since become the world's best known beverage brand. In 1906, for the first time outside the United States that began bottling Coca-Cola, it began to be produced in 1964 in Turkey. As of 2017, Coca Cola's logo, the world's third largest food and beverage company, is recognized by 96% of the world's population. Coca Cola, marketing strategy influencer marketing one of the most effective brands. In this article we will examine the advertising campaigns of the branded signature cola product in collaboration with Instagram influencers.

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#ThisOnesFor Instagram Campaign

Target: To promote Coca Cola's original Coke product to Western European market.


  • Coca Cola cooperated with 14 different influencers. Of these, 6 were macro influencers with more than 100,000 followers, while 8 were micro influencers with fewer than 100,000 followers.
  • Influencers produce a total of 22 sponsored content for the Coca product, the signature of Coca Cola.
  • Each sponsor has the content on the brand's Instagram the @cocacolae the account is labeled and #thisonesf is Hashtag was used. Each influencer created original stories about who to share their Coke product with.

Major Influencers:

  1. Poppy Deyes - 1.3M Followers
  2. Emily Canham - 547B Followers
  3. Andrew Henderson - 362B Followers
  4. Alex Decunha - 26B Followers

Result: Coca-Cola's #thisonesf is The Instagram campaign received more than 173,000 comments and more than 1,600 comments in total, resulting in an average of 7.8% interaction.



British freestyle football player Andrew Henderson (the @iamandrewhenderso), Sponsored content for Coca Cola #thisonesf is Using his label, he thanked his father who always supported him and displayed his usual football numbers. The video continues to be held annually in London and sponsored by the Capital radio station. Jingle Bell Ball By giving the opportunity to followers who want to win free tickets to the concert,  #thisonesf is tag. In another post he shared an image from the Jingle Bell Ball concert and thanked Coca Cola for inviting him to the concert and found that the brand Coca Cola Western Europe account Tags.



The award-winning content, which was published in the sponsorship of the brand, was reinforced by the culture of giving gifts by publishing at holiday time. With this strategic timing and free concert tickets, followers' posting interactions have been successfully increased. Award winning content; is a thrilling, engaging, and interacting marketing strategy in brands' Instagram influencer campaigns. With this work, Coca Cola reached the influencers' followers and kept their enthusiasm high and successfully increased brand awareness. Draws attract more attention, especially when they have an opportunity to interact individually with influencers, enabling brands to interact more easily with influencers' followers.



Lifestyle YouTuber Emily Canham (I @emilycanha) Uses the Instagram account as a showcase to share ideas and combinations of fashion and make-up. In the context of paid content partnership with Coca Cola, #thisonesf is using the label of his close friend Libby. "the @cocacolaeI love this new trend"Canham, sharing the title, pointed to the relationship with his closest friend and combined the campaign with a concept that celebrates people's relationships with their loved ones and positioned them in the positive direction. He also published the influencer content during the holiday season, using the joy of reuniting with family and friends to relate that feeling to the Coca Cola brand, which owns the theme of happiness.


Beverage Devi Coca Cola How did you raise Brand Awareness with Influencers?


Coca Cola's Campaigning with Fashion, Travel and Life Style Influencers in Belgium Market

Target: Promoting Coca Cola's original Coke product to Belgian customers.


  • Coca Cola collaborated with 12 different Belgian Instagram influencers. All but two of the influencers were micro influencers with fewer than 100,000 followers.
  • The Influencers have produced a total of 19 sponsored content, advertising the Coca Cola brand and the signature Coke product.
  • Every sponsored content I @cocacolabelgi the account is labeled and #cokeambassad is Hashtag was involved.

Major Influencers:

  1. Ankatrien Casselman - 148B Followers
  2. Yentl Keuppens - 131B Followers
  3. Yannick Merckx - 48B Followers
  4. Miette Dierckx - 38B Followers

Result: Coca Cola Belgium's campaign with Instagram influencers received an average of 9.1% of the total, receiving more than 46,000 comments and more than 500 comments.



Belgian trip influencer and Youtuber Yannick Merckx (@hetisdemerckx) Shares breathtaking images he photographed while traveling the world for more than 48 followers in Instagram. Producing one sponsored content for paid partnership with Coca Cola, influencer has had a fun share of the huge Coca Cola logos in the face of Mexico. Merckx emphasized the global dominance of the brand in humor sharing and stressed that Coca Cola is a timeless drink enjoyed by everyone.



Fashion influencer Yentl Keuppens (@yentlkeuppens) Was the second influencer with 131,000 followers and Coca Cola Belgium the biggest impact on the campaign. Travel influencer similar to Merckx, Keuppens also shared a photo of Coca Cola's rustic logos and highlighted the broader appeal of the brand by drawing attention to its global presence. The influencer, which also draws attention to the brand, #cokeambassad is Using Hashtag, he expressed his happiness as being the brand's embassy. Coca-Cola brand has established a real connection with influencer's fans thanks to the collaboration with the popular Instagrammer.


Beverage Devi Coca Cola How to Boost Brand Awareness with Influencers

Developed in 1915 with packaging Coca Cola, the world's first patented packagingHaving a na sign a first. Coca Cola is preferred by millions of people every day in more than 200 countries. Behind this success lies the fact that brand positioning is on a solid basis and emphasizes brand awareness as well as brand awareness. Even in the most remote country of the world today, Coca Cola's logo is known. If you want to become a well-known brand, you can benefit from influencer marketing, one of today's most effective marketing strategies. To match the right influencers for your brand CreatorDen influencer marketing platform You can use.


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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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