Creating a Personal Brand

Each brand has a personality. Every personality is a mark. In the world people are known for their traces of abandonment and abandonment. If you can comment on a person, you can make a judgment about it, it is because that person has left a mark on your mind. Each person who left a mark actually created a brand effect for you. It; personal brand.

You will have a look at life, your way of expressing yourself, your interests, how you have cultivated yourself; it determines how you position yourself as a mark. If you feel an expert in a subject and have spent years leaning on that subject, and this has had an impact on the people in your circle, then you have actually become a brand.

The first example in our life about personal branding that will be described with an example is our parents.

We are aware of the personal brands that start with the parents; As our learning processes evolve, we expand our curiosity and interests. Finally we live a life full of personal and corporate brands. This creates the order in which we live.

Every person who imagines himself as a professional brand has a question to ask himself;

'' How can I best describe a brand name myself to other people in the best way? ''

The answer goes through a healthy road map. Let's open this road map with a few items:


How do you define yourself? Or what are you going to tell people about? Where's your most successful?

The answer to these questions constitutes the mission of your mark. A brand that has a mission and that best describes its mission is permanent. The world's biggest brands; are the brands that can fulfill their mission.


Vision; to be able to see the future and achieve what people imagine. At the same time, It is made up of possible promises. Successful brands give promises that can be real, while unsuccessful brands give people promises that can not be realized. What you will see when you examine brands with the right vision; their promises, which were seen as dreams years ago, must have been realized years later.


A good brand has to have a right perspective. To interpret the events as accurately as possible, it is necessary to determine the most accurate positioning in each case from a point of view. It is the perspective of economic equilibrium changes, technological innovations, what determines the approach to all the events that will take place on the world, and determines the position of the brand against all these situations.


The personality of each brand determines the position of that brand. The stance determines the strategy and location of the market. The position of a mark allows it to be separated from other marks. This creates brand loyalty. If your posture is adopted by a society, if your name is referred to with the correctness of your ear-piercing posture, you have passed an important way to become a brand.


The most important requirement to become a brand is communication. People want to touch their brands, communicate with them, relate to them. When the right channels of communication are established, the brand becomes lifelong.

Communication, at the same time, determines the power of social bonds. The end of brands that have ties their ties to society and considers society as only a customer is often business.


Markets are simply scratched in people's minds. Nobody can count all the products of the big brands or the properties of their products. Lakin is a word that people remember immediately where they hear the word. It's called the name. To give an example; Nobody remembers Karl Benz, the founder of Mercedes. But everybody wants to know who Karl Benz is, and he contacts Mercedes.

Using the Digital Right

Now there is a digital world. People are now more digital-looking than their brands. That's why the digital markup must be built correctly. If you think the internet for 7 hours a day every person in Turkey, will also be standing on the digital future in terms of realizing the importance of brands. Moreover, digital offers you more accurate marketing channels, more accurate reporting and audience analysis than real life.

Innovation and Experimentation

The most effective way to shorten a brand's life is to be conservative and repetitive. No strategy, advertising campaign, or path of communication is everlasting. So many brands are constantly called different ways. People want to feel special, to reach newness much more quickly. For this reason, every brand has to innovate, improve itself and experience it experimentally.

Right Time-Right Advertising

People see thousands of ads in a day. Now, in digital and real world, we are full of advertisements and people are overly bored. Of course, advertising will be done because marketing is the basis of advertising. Right time and right-based ads are getting more and more attention from people. Most people no longer want to know that an ad is an ad.

Dijitalin Individual Brand; they influencia

Being a phenomenon in the digital world is synonymous with being a personal brand. Today, thousands of influencers around the world are in fact the result of changing personal brand concept. Nevertheless, communication with influencer marketing and influencers has become very important in terms of improving corporate and personal brands.

Influencer marketing is designed with marketing strategies; today it is undeniable that in the growth of personal and corporate brands, in finding potential customers and in expanding their own masses.

In another direction, it is now very important to examine the influencers and understand their rising value. An important role model for how personal brands grow is influencers. Today, many brands learn how to reach new generations through influencers.

If you want to be a brand;

If you want to be a brand, you have to like difficulties. The recipe must have a ready-made seal, you should know that it is your goal in this world. You must make your brand clear every new way, if you are on the right road, on the move. In doing so, you should not compromise your position and fulfill your mission and vision requirements. Of course you should have good communication for them, you have to do your hand to influence people. Instead of smelling advertising, you should go for a positioning that people will defend you. You should take advantage of all of these and the great possibilities that digital offers and the power of influencer marketing.

Being a brand has never been easy. Being a brand; it means to achieve a little bit. I can not tell you it will be easy. Lakin can guarantee that all the hardships await you a prize.

What will be your reward after you have taken so much challenge?


Is not it enough?






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