Penguen Magazine Closure and Social Media

Sometimes the change is nice, even if it's nice. Penguen Magazine has been a friend for us with a smile on the faces of readers and sometimes laughter with the opposition line for years. That's where Penguen Magazine took you along with the change. As Internet and publishing enter into a process of change, social media has completely changed the consumption of content. One example of this is the closure of the Penguen Magazine, or rather the fact that it is adapted to online platforms from the print press. Influencers are also at this point directing content consumption as new "magazines" of the social world.

It is a matter of pleasure reading the magazine Karabulut. Undoubtedly it seems very unlikely that the new generation will develop the habit of meeting this pleasure and buying a printed medium. Selçuk Erdem's emotional writing in the last issue of Penguen Magazine brings this fact back to the agenda. Social media has completely democratized the creation and dissemination of content. In the past, the production of content, controlled by companies and agencies, evolved with social media platforms, so that each person could hear their own voice. Cartoon accounts, which provide access to millions of people, can reach much more than printed masses can reach with less cost. If we think of social media platforms when people are passing television channels, everyone is now a candidate for a range of channels, a magazine publisher or a newspaper. Turkey is one of the countries where the most intense use of social media. YouTube in Turkey using 35 million viewers each month and 24 million Instagram users of your readers, your audience olabilil. Influencers are opening the doors of a two-sided communication, not one-sided, in the position of broadcast channels of the new world.

Today, with influencer marketing, it is not advertising in the newspapers, advertisements in newspapers, and communication that is trying to stay away; you may be part of a communication that will influence the next customer decision that you want to read. We see in the Penguen Magazine, which gives readers a pleasant adventure for years, the next Penguen Magazine will be at the tips of your fingers, not the newspaper franchisees. While new circles are tracking numbers and views, the way magazine cartographers use to earn will be to produce content instead of selling magazines. It would not be wrong to say that the feeling of friendship you have lived is much more effective and interactive in the new circles.


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