Social Media Strategies to Secure Trusts

It is possible to increase the number of followers in the social media by sharing interesting content in recent days as communication is faster than ever and speeding up every day. However, gaining the trust of followers who are interested in sharing requires much more time and effort than you might think. As an influencer, your followers' expectation from you is that you are sincere and honest, and that you are fully aware of your confidence as well as producing interesting content. Are you wondering about the social media strategies that will help you gain your trust? If yes, let's have a look at what you need to do together.

Give Your Followers Ear

If you are really confident that your social media account is unique and you can not figure out why your liking does not increase, what you need to do first listen to your followers. Because the audience who loves you and follows your steps will give you a wide variety of clues about what is boring, wrong or fun in comments or private messages. When you start not to listen to them and when you develop your content day by day, you are now taking the most important step towards ensuring your followers' commitment to you. Whether your content is a photo or a video, you should absolutely communicate with your followers, and even before you trust them, you should feel safe. So; your communication will be based on much stronger foundations and you will be locked up.

Keep Your Continuity Always

To gain the trust of your followers as well as to ensure your permanence in the social media continuity It is important. Making a share in a program that you have set before will prevent your followers from forgetting you, above all, but also the proof that you give to this media is also a proof. But; here is what you need to be careful not to bother your followers with too much content while trying to maintain continuity. For this reason, it will be the best method to make your shares at certain intervals. Our recommendation; depending on the frequency of your daily activities, sharing one day is enough. But; a few days a day, or a few days a week in peak periods. Also; With Instagram's storytelling, the opportunity to share more with the photos and videos lost within 24 hours, as well as sharing.

Be Totally Transparent about Contests

Collaborating with a brand after you are tracked is a sign that you are now in the next stage as an influencer. One of the activities that brings you the fastest return on social media and increases both your brand and your self-awareness competitions has recently become one of the most interesting collaborations between brand and influencer. If you have decided to organize a contest through your account, you must remember that you need to be very transparent in this regard in order to protect your existing mass. For example; if you tell us what day and time you will explain the winner, you must produce a video content that will surely not miss that time slot or prove that you have not taken the initiative to determine the winner. Otherwise, the actor you act like a closed box may cause you to look away when browsing.

Never Recommend Something You Have Never Met or You Have Not Satisfied

Social Media Strategy

The way to earn the confidence of the followers is always through being honest. Your followers, who are in mutual communication as an influencer, will always expect to hear the truth from you. For this reason, do not make the mistake of never recommending a product that you have never tried or tried and enjoyed. Only then can you be a successful influencer who has gained the trust of the masses, knowing the existence of a person who trusts you and wants to hear the truth from you.

Remember the Importance of Organic Followers

Buying followers; an influencer who wants to have a loyal mass is one of the behaviors that he should never do. Although high numbers of followers are likely to win new followers, you should focus on creating a new and lasting audience in a short period of time by keeping your content specific. Otherwise, the interaction rates of your shares will be quite low compared to the follow-up count, which will give a negative impression to the brands and followers.

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