New Generation Influencers: Virtual Phenomenons

The digital world is growing every day. As a result of this development, things that you never thought of could become possible anymore. The digital world is a world in which the transition from generation to generation is now faster than ever. The phenomena of this digital world now have to overcome themselves much faster. Because; new things are happening in the virtual and digitized world. This new thing affects the younger generation all over the world, attracts itself and creates a new pole.

Phenomenals now have very different competitions. These opponents are iconic like themselves, sharing their life-style lives like themselves. But these competitors have a difference. It must also be pixsel and drawing. Yes, we have virtual phenomena now. There are fans in Instagram. They sign contracts with big companies and even go to the brink of becoming brands.

Let's continue by giving a few examples;

Lil Miquela

A phenomenon with more than a million followers. The canvas is on its way to becoming a full-blown phenomenon, from self-starring to night-time care. And we can even call it a fashion icon. When it arrives, it publishes the photographs it draws with its famous people, showing how sporty it can be when it comes to its place, and sometimes how innocent it can be.

Moreover, he can express himself sincerely and sincerely. What else would she want from a follower phenomenon?

At the same time Lil was able to establish a good "insta-model." He worked with big and international companies like Prada, Supreme, Chanel, Nike. And Lil is a character who is also involved in social responsibility projects. A special virtual reality icon with everything.

Virtual Phenomenons


 Shudu Graham is the world's first digital super model. It's as good as real models, and as professional as real models. A photographer is a kind of model that every photographer will want to work with, if I have to tell you the eye.

It's a genuine model that can suck out every model with its familiar face lines, perfect physical measurements, posture and exposure. But it is also a super model created in digital environment. If it were a living person, it would probably be Naomi Campell and Alex Wek's wife.

Lil is not as famous as the current mass of followers a ''micro influencer'' has already deserved to be.

The photographer who gave life to Shudu Graham sees it as a work of art. Shudu is getting offers from big brands like Lil in Graham. They even made a partnership with Fenty Beuty, the famous singer Rihanna's brand. It looks like the future will continue.


The digital world and the major brands of the real world have now discovered them. Lil and Shudu took their place in history as pioneers of virtual phenomena. But these two names will not stay. Absolutely and absolutely other characters will be created on the computer and will live on the digital world.

Although the followers of these two virtual phenomena are a bit confused, the generations that adapt to everything will adopt them as well. In the future, we will see that these virtual phenomena introduce us brands not only in digital but also in real life.

We will also be curious about the result of the competition between virtual and real phenomena. The handlers will be stronger as brands determine the influencer preferences. In particular, I think that some of the advertising budgets will also be part of these virtual phenomena in order to catch the Z curve. On the other side influencia is platforms and influencer agencies can also make room for these virtual phenomena.

What will be the next step in the digital world's advertising and marketing future?

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