Loss of German Buyer in Instagram

Instagram and Popularity

Today, with the development of technology and the increase of internet usage, social media usage has become a visible shot. Especially in the social media platforms, Instagram's location is very different. Everyone, small and large, and every company has an Instagram account. In this sense, one of the biggest problems To buy follower in Instagram and we'll talk about what kind of damage it has. Before you buy followers for your accounts, you should definitely read this post.

Instagram users try a variety of different ways to show their popularity with their followers and attract attention from other users. The most important and most widely used method is to increase the number of followers. It is unthinkable for firms selling products or services to have no Instagram account in today's technology. Companies that promote their products or services through this account and communicate with their target audience are more likely to work to reach their target audience and increase their profits. In this sense, you can also choose among other popular accounts, so that promotions of your products are paid to these accounts for a certain fee influencer marketing They are made with.

Companies that want to benefit from the marketing power of the social circle pay attention to the criteria of the number of followers in the accounts they want to advertise. For this reason, all users with personal or company accounts use the follower purchase method to increase their follower numbers.

What Does It Take to Buy Followers in Instagram?

The most popular social media tool we have used today The basic criterion of being popular in Instagram, the number of followers is high. Personal accounts attract the attention of the companies on this account and advertise their products on their accounts and increase their profits. In the same way, companies increase their brand awareness by providing their products and services to more people.

Since it takes time to acquire followers by normal means, the number of followers of accounts is being increased by using follower buying method in recent periods. A follower is purchased for a fee from the serving sites. These followers, if desired, have characteristics such as Turkish or foreign, female or male. The reasons for buying followers into Instagram accounts are:

  • The thought that it is difficult and time-consuming to pursue by normal means
  • To give credibility to the target group
  • The phenomenon appears in Instagram
  • Reach more people
  • Making money by promoting products and services

Thanks to the followers who have been purchased, though your accounts may seem popular To buy follower in Instagram your account is harming. Interaction rates, such as likes and comments, must be high for companies or personal accounts, in proportion to the number of followers. Otherwise, trust is lost as followers are forged. Tracker buyers listed below.

Interaction Rates Drop

Loss of German Buyer in Instagram

To buy follower in Instagram method, the number of followers increases, but your interaction rates decrease by the same amount. Interaction rates are among the most important criteria to be considered in social media platforms. The rate of interaction shows how successful the work is. While this ratio is being calculated, comments with appreciation from the shares made are collected and divided by the total number of followers of the account. After the calculation made, although the number of followers is very high, if the interpretation and appreciation obtained per share is low, the interaction rate is also reduced to a great disappointment.

When the rate of engagement in accounts with more than ten thousand followers is low, the expected returns are not high. The biggest reason for this is Purchase follower in Instagram method. Because the rate of followers increases due to unreal followers called bots, the rate of interaction decreases because these people will not appreciate and comment. Also; After buying a follower in Instagram, the followers will stop following it slowly.

Negative Follower Deletes Negative Impression

Instagram which constantly develops, deletes it by specifying bot followers with new systems. However, the fake accounts have also been deleted and Instagram has only included real accounts and followers.

Following this attitude by Instagram, personal accounts using fake followers and company accounts were exposed and caused a negative impression. If you increase your number of followers with this method, the investment that you put out for it will be wasted brandyou lose your target.

Content Exhaustion Costs and Targeted Returns Can not be Received

Marketing and content studies on the social media platform are wasted because the interaction rate of the account with the purchased follower will decrease. As a result, you will not be able to get the recurrences you would expect from your share.

Since most of the fake followers are bot, they do not appreciate and comment on your sharing. In this case, your goal of reaching the target audience is wasted because the targeted interaction rate can not be reached. This makes it harder to reach new followers. The general loss of buying followers of this information can be listed as follows:

  • Causes you to have an inactive profile
  • Reduce your interaction rate on posts you share
  • You can not get the feedback you want from posts you've shared
  • Causes your corporate image to be damaged
  • Causes ads on the page to go blank
  • Along with the fact that followers will be erased later, it causes a sudden drop in your number of followers.



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