Instagram Mortals to Provide Great Experiences for Their Children

It transforms family life and motherhood experiences into a personal brand Instagram mothers; their personal lives, their work lives and their mother's tough processes simultaneously women become the focus of attention. Millions of mothers envy them to be well cared for and spend time productively with their children. Instagram's well-maintained, energetic, unusual influencer mothers While motivating women to inspire new ideas, it also motivates them to improve their personal lives. Instagram's cool mothers they are traveling around the world with their children, designing special games for them and leaving meaningful memories that their children will remember in the future with great pictures. How do these women manage to be well-groomed and beautiful without forgetting to be a woman besides their mother when they are both successful in business life, have an understanding wife at home and have a real childhood experience for their children?

Instagram Mortals to Provide Great Experiences for Their Children

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Historic Goodbye Restaurant, Dedemin Bakkalı, Çok Hayal Koran Child, Actor Mother, Home Made Magic Wand and Bad Habits by Şermin Yaşar Çarkacı Actor Mother; always dreaming of being a house and a writer with many children. After studying Turkish Language and Literature at the University, he found himself writing in advertising agencies. Şermin Hanım, who started to take a different look at the world with her mother,My head is Mom now"The name has started to realize the dream of writing. To give their children a real childhood experience open the social media accounts of the games he has created "Actor Mother". The Instagram account, followed by 699 thousand people, breaks the rules of the game and offers alternatives such as game calendars and activities appropriate for children's mental development stages to provide a true childhood experience while keeping as far as possible the methods that are needed for mothers to watch while they are raising children. If you are a mother who does not use Instagram, you can download the Facebook page, which is more than 660 followers here you can click to follow.


akademisyenann to

Graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Child Development and Education,Do not be afraid! A Good Annesin"The writer of your book Assoc. Dr. Seconds Bencik Kangal, blending her academic knowledge with her motherhood experiences in blogs and shares it with followers in the Instagram account of 661 thousand people. On the other hand, he continues to provide development counseling and training services for families and educators of children with mental disabilities or gifted children. Her blog and Instagram account happy motherhood, pregnancy and activity are on offer.

At the channel is sharing both academic knowledge and personal experiences by sharing child development, gaming activities, and experiences from his own life. Drawing particular attention to playing games with children,basic trust"It is very important in the formation of emotion. Parental guidance, allowing families to share games with each other, for children and games in that Turkey's first mobile app one akademisyenann to You can download the application by clicking on the titles. Android  and IOS.


the ebruzulfikarogl

Academician Op. Dr. Ebru Zülfikaroğlu; at the same time general surgeon, gynecologist, vaginismus therapist and genital aesthetic expert. Eva Women's Health in blogs and On Youtube channel pregnancy, childbirth, gynecological diseases and sexual dysfunctions. In the Instagram account of 322 thousand people, especially the photos shared with their children are very appreciated by their followers.


gizemzz is

After his marriage he moved to Cappadocia and began operating boutique hotels with his wife. Gizem Zor started using social media because of his tourism business. Unlike many others, after the birth of the daughter Alya,It also travels with children."The family began to travel around the world. 277 thousand person Instagram account for trips for children, trips to the baby, and travels share the recommendation.


the saadetalg

Saadet Algan who wants to touch the lives of people; in blogs her favorite products, the stories she lived or heard, and the motherhood adventure. It's a fun dill with female-male relationships making plenty of word games "Can I Take You Husband?"There is also a book called. In the Instagram account of 155,000 followers, they share tips on mother-child relationships, recipes and useful information about life.


blogcuann to

Elif Doğan graduated from the University of the United States, graduated from the University of Baltimore, and worked for five years in non-governmental organizations. The first time the son returned to Turkey after the birth of the Marine institutional life to have a break. In this process,What did I just do for myself today?"He asked,I like and love my mother."To start writing blogs. In 2013 Motherhood is not Always Dust Pink He took out his book. Since 2016, Turkey's first digital women's summit one Digital Heels started to take part in the project. Apart from all these, he writes on different platforms like Birgün Pazar, Dünya, Mahmure, HT Hayat, participates as a speaker on the panel and continues to meet with his readers by making book conversations. On the Instagram account of 107 thousand people, she shares the experiences of her motherhood with her three sons and the frames from her daily life.


the mrsisbecer

Büşra İşbeceren, a physical education teacher, began to write blogs when he was appointed to Van. Büşra sees blogging as a more formal job and likes Instagram more easily because it allows easier sharing and allows instant feedback from followers. The Instagram account, followed by 101 thousand people, shares motherhood experiences with her daughter Duru, slap lists and organizers like moms that will make daily life easier for mothers, and presentations winning the likes of followers.


Download berilbay

Bilgi University graduated from Public Relations Beril Bayındır, Moms Blog Note  She writes on topics like pregnancy, birth, motherhood, baby-care, shopping, travel and recipe since the day she learned she was pregnant. Beril Hanım, who said she started blogging to inherit the motherhood process and inherit her son, was one of the finalists in the "Best social blog" category at the Bumerang Awards. When his son came to the world, he looked for safe, environmentally friendly and useful products together with his wife "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."Out of the way Turkey's first organic and natural products for babieswhere nineteen Boniqo They have passed the brand's life. Among the inspiration for this story Turkey's first organic companies constituting the people Of course his father is also. 61 thousand people in the Instagram account with her followers not only share the motherland adventure and baby care advice, at the same time underlined the importance of not forgetting being a woman as a mother She shares ideas that inspire beauty, care and fashion.


the serapoguzt

Serap Oğuz Tan who has been a senior manager in Corporate Communication and Human Resources; fashion, design, make-up, beauty and cosmetics. Motherhood experiences and proposals for life of women in Milliyet Pink Pomegranate and her own in blogs it deals with. Saying that social media is virtually a parent for mothers, Mrs. Serap says that women who have encountered any problems in both personal and baby care can follow the hashtags and reach solutions. "Do not be afraid of making friends, sharing your troubles, mothers. You are not alone!"60 thousand people in the Instagram account with the daughter of the experience of sharing the frames of the life of the mother of the mother's child concept that shares the other Instagram accounts are as follows: mutluvill tothe mutluannelerplatformBaby Room


the zamaneanne

İlknur Yalçın graduated from the Department of Public Relations and Advertising and after he came to the world, he started freelance in his profession and started to produce branded content and consultancy. After being a mother, the social pressure that surrounds her revolted against the so-called tastes involved in her mother,I'm a mom, I do not mind."He decided not to listen to his own voice. By changing the name of the Instagram account to the time of the year, he combined his experience with his mother's adventure in growing his brothers. on the website and 43,000 people in the Instagram account for their innovations, mother-child relationship, recipes, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are shared.


Instagram is a social media platform especially used by women. That is why they use it as a gigantic forum for visually heavily, sharing women's troubles, seeking solutions to problems they can not get out of, searching for ideas they want to integrate into their lives, and using them as inspiration and motive. "What are you freaking today?“, “What should I wear today?“, “How do I make the house nice?“, “Where Should We Go Today?"Or"How These Versions Of Clay?"While thinking fashion, sightseeing, eating - drinking, decoration and wellness influencersthey find their answers instantly by entering their accounts.

Instagram Mortals to Provide Great Experiences for Their Children

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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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