Most Important Social Trends in 2016

Social Media Examiner's work on social media platforms with more than 5,000 marketing experts responds to how social media is perceived by marketing professionals and about social media trends.

This rapid transformation of social media in a short period of time has changed and changed the marketing and advertising world to a great extent. Social platforms that evolve in different concepts shape the nature of marketing while offering consumers new sources of information.

Significant findings related to social media trends and usage among marketing specialists include:

Video use was very popular in marketing: 60% of participating marketing professionals use video for marketing messages. Also, 73% of them plan to increase the use of video for marketing activities in the coming periods.

# Livestreaming on the rise: 50% of the participants plan to use LiveStreaming on platforms like Facebook and Periscope. Another 50% wants to have more information about LiveStreaming.

# Facebook and Youtube will be the future of marketing experts: At least 63% of marketing specialists plan to use these social platforms in the future.

# Snapchat continues to develop: Only 5% of those participating in the study are using Snapchat for their marketing activities. But 16% is planning to invest in Snapchat in the future. 28% wants to learn more about Snapchat.

# Clearly the most important platform for Facebook marketing experts: When asked about the most popular social network for participants, 55% prefer Facebook and 18% choose Linkedin. A 67% plan to increase Facebook activity in the future.

Most of the marketing experts are not sure about the impact of Facebook: Approximately 35% of the participants who invest in Facebook are not sure whether Facebook is effective.

# Facebook ads dominate: Surprisingly, while only 18% of marketing professionals use Twitter ads, 86% regularly use Facebook ads.

Nearly all of the marketing specialists want to learn about social media usage strategies: With a ratio of over 90%, people who are close to the task are trying to influence social media tactics and trying to find the most effective way to reach their target audience.

Marketing Experts Ask About Social Media 5 Questions:

# 1 Strategy: What are the most effective social media strategies?

This is a topic that marketing professionals are most interested in at a rate of 92%. Develop a social media strategy that is both effective and returnable. The variable structure of the marketing makes the answer to this question too flexible. But it is also acknowledged that the investments of brands that can effectively implement influencer marketing are returning at the most profitable level.

# 2 Access: How to reach consumers via social media?

Nearly 90% of marketing specialists are thinking about managing the most effective connection with consumer masses. The ability to reach customers gives marketing professionals the opportunity to compete effectively and sustainably. In this direction, it is possible to give various answers to the question. Sponsoring social media influencers, especially in times of rising ad blocking practices, can enable brands to have extremely strong interactions.

# 3 Measurement: How can I measure the return of my social media investments?

86% of the marketing experts participating in the study are wondering how to measure their social media investments.

# 4 Consumer: How do I find the target kit?

It brings together masses from different characteristics in terms of social media structure. As a result, a confusing confusion arises. An 86% of marketing specialists are trying to cope with this problem and are looking for ways to reach their target audience. At this point, it is inevitable that marketing specialists begin to be interested in the expertise and social influences of their own categories.

# 5 Tools: What are the best social media tools?

Marketing specialists want to discover tools that will make social media easier to use. Some 86% are wondering how they will choke their social media use.

Marketing Experts Look Better Than The Market

A 66% of marketing specialists believe that social media has developed an enthusiastic fan base, and they think they have reached the opportunity to see the market more clearly.

Conclusion: High interaction

89% of marketing specialists say that social media experiences lead to high interaction. 75% of these interactions from social channels are positives. He also believes that marketing specialists support these interactions, brand image, and are sympathetic to the branded social media.

Source: Social Media Examiner

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