Social Media's Most Creative Influencer Marketing Campaigns

With rapidly growing social media networks, both day-to-day visibility and increasingly integrated integration into the marketing strategies of some of the world's leading big brands, influencer marketing helps brand awareness in social media by boosting brand awareness in a very effective way at a much lower cost than usual, brand awareness.

Here are 4 influencer marketing campaigns that completely change the face of brands from different sectors in a positive way and reinforce brand awareness as never before!

1) Emirates Airlines Experience

How do you convince consumers to buy first class airline tickets that find thousands of liras? Of course by experiencing. Emirates Airlines, which is mostly active in America, complained about not being able to place brand sense and reaching its annual turnover figures because it was a foreign airline company carrying the Middle East flag from it. The high level service and flight quality motto that was introduced to consumers through conventional advertising methods did not even reach the target.

Emirates provided brand awareness with influencer marketing. Youtuber Casey Neistat, who has more than 7 million followers, has produced a video entitled "$ 21,000 first class flight". While the 9-minute video that Casey told about the flight experience from New York to Dubai to dinner, from the staff's attention to the aircraft to the technical information of the plane was more than 35 million, Emirates said that this influencer marketing work has strengthened both brand awareness in the US also positively affected sales.

2) The Whiskey Story of Lagavulin

The malt whiskey brand Lagavulin, who wanted to reach the Z generation and be popular among the young, managed an unfamiliar influencer marketing campaign and managed to capture the target audience at the exact target location.

Lagavulin started by selecting the most appropriate influencer for the target audience. He opened a Youtube channel titled "My Tales of Whiskey" with Nick Offerman, whom young people love and see as a role model. He produced a video where Offerman sat at the fireman's stall and whiskeyed for 45 minutes without talking. While the video was even more interested in what was expected by the young people, Lagavulin was guaranteed to enter the desired segment successfully.

3) Glossier: The Power of Micro Influencers

Glossier, Beauty and Care Startup, founded in New York, reached microinfuncers for even greater marketing success than planned. Glossier, who wants to announce the brand's name and strengthen the consumer perception, chose to advertise its minimal skin care and cosmetics products with micro influencers all over the world, while running advertising campaigns with huge budget. Glossier's CEO, Emily Weiss, who uses it to promote "ordinary women" products instead of big stars, describes the motivation behind the entire campaign as "each woman is actually an influencer and we have the power to influence each other so much."

4) Becca

In fact, cosmetics and beauty brands are one of the first industries to realize the power of influencer marketing as early as possible and to quickly incorporate it into marketing strategies. Becca is undoubtedly the cosmetics brand that adapts fast to the Influencer marketing ecosystem. Becca has long been involved in the development of relationships with influencers, product submissions and Youtube review videos for a long time and Becca is taking this success one step further and joining the famous cosmetics Youtube with Jaclyn Hill Becca x Jaclyn Hill: a powder illuminator named Champaign Pop has succeeded in a campaign that is so big that it will cause stockpiles to end in 75 minutes on online shopping sites.

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