"20% of the multinational companies in the world are preparing to define a" Chief Digital Officer "position in 2017. One in three of these companies believes that the digital marketing budget in the next 5 years will account for 75% of the total spend. "

90% of the companies that started to do digital marketing still do not have the necessary equipment.

Digital conversion has become the center of our lives as a phenomenon that is increasingly spoken, spoken and even more intricate. What is this digital conversion?

In the broadest sense, it can be explained as the restructuring of a company or institution from marketing to business model, from organization to management, in a way that adapts all the structures to the digital age. Of course, just opening a shopping site or actively using social media tools will not be enough to keep up with the digital age. Here are the tips you need to survive in the digital age and grow your company:

1) A Little Risk Every Good Future

Working in partnership with different units within your company, you can start with a clear picture of how you plan to enter into a digital transformation and how your business patterns will change. By speaking in very large letters, you can encourage every new risk by putting the risks and expected results on a clear map.

2) Do not Leave the Technology Agnostic to Hands

In the case of digital conversion, all the arrows point to the technology and the departments that are connected to your company, but to connect all the hopes to the technological infrastructure and ignore the other parts of the company can lead to an incomplete conversion. While you believe in technology, you should not leave more traditional structures.

3) Prepare a Consumer Centric Roadmap

From the very beginning, the reactions of most consumers must be looked at to understand the changes that a company makes. When adapting to digital conversion, consumers should be taken as a guide and the steps to be taken in the future should be shaped by how well they are adapting to digitalization in their journey to your consumer brand.

4) Bring the Teams together early

Another common feature of digitizing companies is that they have team structures that work closely with each other and can place different jobs on the same level. More important than trying to keep pace with digital transformation, the most important steps that a company seeking to internalize this transformation within the company should not be confined within the technology department alone; but also to create team structures that work close to each other at the same time.

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