Investments The Most Effective Way to Land Conversion: Influencer Marketing

Social media is out of reach of the crawling stages. Social media is a crowded area where big brands and small businesses compete for the interest and relevance of the digital kit. As social networks adopt show-and-pay advertising models, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach mass organically and incorporate them into marketing policies.

Influencer marketing takes a strong place in social media as the best way to reduce noise and communicate with consumers using the voice of someone they know, love and trust. The effect of social media is based on quality content and a genuine link, unlike traditional celebrity.

The micro-influencer recommendations made in social media can be much more effective than a Hollywood celebrity's support or a branded message. In fact, influencer marketing takes advantage of the privacy of social media, transforming the consumer's confidence in word-of-mouth into a strategic marketing opportunity.

Influencer marketing does not have any difficulties either. These challenges include identifying the right people for the specific campaign and measuring the return on investment. But the data shows that effective influencer marketing is a strong comeback in marketing campaigns.

According to eMarketer study, consumer packaged products are making the highest return to the food industry. It is followed by travel, beauty, drinks and food shopping. When you look at the generic brands that use the influencer marketing strategies, they are getting a $ 9.60 return per dollar.

In a survey conducted by Tomoson, more than half of the participants stated that the influencer marketing result reached higher quality directives. 70% of respondents reported a 2: 1 return for every dollar spent, while 13% reported a result of 20: 1.

While this gives an idea of ​​the true value of influencer marketing, it is important to remember these tricks:

• Take specific business objectives to improve the campaign strategy.

• Define the correct creative ability based on the target target.

• Follow key social measures such as reach, display, and inclusion to measure success.

Italian fashion brand Calzedonia launched a web-friendly campaign using the #CLZ hashtag for the 2015 summer jersey collection. The goal was to reach at least 15 million social media users with 23 submissions in Instagram. The brand has not surpassed its access target in Instagram, it has more than 70,000 new followers, and the campaign reaches 25,880,770. Even after the campaign ended, Instagram users who used the campaign hashtag had more than 30,000 submissions.

He benefited from the expertise of influencer marketing agencies to manage the Calzedonia campaign. Although it is certainly possible to direct your own campaign, an agency can take responsibility for talent management, creative practice and campaign analysis and help you in a more comprehensive way.

As a result:

Influencer marketing online is the most effective way to reach masses and incorporate them into the marketing politics. In addition, working with an influencer marketing specialist is the best way to guarantee the strategic and successful implementation of your campaigns.

Source: InstaBrand, Convince & Convert

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