CreatorDen Influencer Marketing Platform
"From creatore; a platform where advertisers can incorporate hundred influencers into their influencer marketing projects in a single panic when they will have a single influencer that can manage the influencer marketing projects. "
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How to use the creatorden app
Hello there! As an influencer of social media, you are the right place to collaborate with brands! As CreatorDen, we work with more than 1000 social media influencers and over 200 brands to provide better service to you every day. 1 - Review the Brand Brief Review the list of projects that are suitable for you in the CreatorDen implementation. Do not forget that the brands you will send your offer here ...
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influencer marketing blog
With CreatorDen's new campaigns you can build on the platform, you can organize advertising campaigns with social media phenomena and reach the target audience in the most effective way by age, gender, interests. You have entered the CreatorDen platform and created your membership without paying any fee. What's next? After entering the platform; From the 'Create a new campaign' headline, you can create your campaign brief within minutes, and you will ...
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influencer talks vol. VII
Influencer Talks Vol. 5 we performed on April 5, 2017 Wednesday at Zorlu PSM. Below are the speeches of our guests, Pınar Sabanci, Duygu Özaslan, Anıl Tiryaki and Esen Blake who inspired by joining VI. Thank you very much to everyone who participated in our activity, which is very enjoyable as CreatorDen family! You can follow us on social media for information about our upcoming events! The next Influencer Talks ...
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influencia is-talks
Influencer Talks is an action designed to teach, inspire and meet people who produce quality content in the social media. Our philosophy is to learn from each other, to question best practice examples, and to make this field more and more meaningful. Influencer Talks, the fifth of the month in February, will be waiting for you with new events and surprises over the coming months. For more information, you can visit our website.
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