5 Influencer Features Considered by Brands

If you are an influencer who wants to collaborate with brands, you must have a media kit containing the data that brands take care of. The influencer characteristics that brands take into account should be prepared correctly and critical details about influencer should be clearly shared so that a healthy relationship can be established with brands. You must provide the correct information for brands to choose you.

The first question that comes to mind: What is the media kit? You can think of it as a means of linking between a portfolio and a resume only for influencers. The documents here are your opportunity to present the analysis and demographic features of your platform to the relevant partners.

Stop there before you ignore the need to create a media set or if you don't have a large enough audience. There are several basic details that each influencer should have in the media kit.

Influential characteristics of brands

1. Analyzes

Let's talk to the numbers. Brands will want to know how many followers you have in each social platform to know what kind of access they can have if they decide to work with influencers. In addition, they want to know things like:
· How many pages are your site taking?
· How many of these are displayed individually?
· What is the average time spent on your site?
· What is your average interaction rate on your social media posts?

Even if you don't have to include every statistic, you need to include the basic features. You should give Google Analytics some time to determine what is right for you. Perhaps most influencers do not share their monthly views. At this point, you have to emphasize your own strengths, for example, you have an incredibly low bounce rate. You should make sure that you emphasize this or other data that shows your strengths.

2. Mass effect

Statistics are not everything! Brands will want to know whether the audience they want to address behind these figures are in line with the mass of the influencers. In fact, analytics tools that you can see on Google Analytics or Facebook / Instagram information can tell you a lot about the people who follow you. Show the percentage of your male + female followers so that brands trying to enter a particular gender know if you are eligible to reach their target audience. This and a little detail like this can bring you to the forefront.

3. Offers

In fact it is never equal to two influencer. Therefore, you should make sure that you emphasize what is in the details of the offers you offer. When planning these services, brands often cannot predict how much budget they need to invest in creating compelling blog posts, photos, and video content. At this point you can be specific.

It's not the right method to share a comprehensive price on a different platform like Instagram. If you want to share the price for your services, you can provide flexibility and list only start-up prices to share the correct budgets when the clear lines of content are identified. This means that you will be able to negotiate and pay attention to the price after the requested data.

4. Photos + Historypainting in

You need to select a few photos that show the content types you create and incorporate them into your media set preparations, and share them with brands. These are not only your favorites, they should be selected from those who represent you and have the right audience for the brand you work with. Another great way to present your past work and present visual diversity is to add the logos of brands you have worked with in the past. This not only gives you additional confidence, but also gives brands information about the interaction of your audience.

5.Strategic Profile Description + Contact Info

Although everything you have mentioned so far is absolutely important, your biography can be the most important part of your entire media set. No matter what this part is an opportunity to tell yourself. Perhaps you were once a nurse with a passion for style, and so your block was born. Perhaps you can have an incredibly impressive past that shows that you're offering more for brands. At the end of the day, you should make sure that you express your media set clearly. You should not miss the interesting information that highlights the difference that separates you from everyone. You should also not be misleading about the way you design or market your data.

There is no rule that the design style you choose or what information will be a priority. You must trust your instinct and create a document that you will be proud of.

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