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With the rising trend of digital marketing industry influencer marketing, brand entrepreneurs are transforming into multi million dollar brands while they are ahead of brand competitors. Especially advertising and marketing agencies are attracted to the fact that the Internet has the influence that influences the opinion leaders and the influential influencers.

Influencer Marketing Agency What is your mark?


Influencer To Be Called?

In the sense of "affecting" influencia is; is the person who reprograms the buying behaviors of the masses with ideas and actions that have the power to shape the thoughts and behaviors of the mass of followers in the digital marketing world. Social media influencers sell partnerships with brands on behalf of followers, and share sponsored content on behalf of brands. Influencers who share their experiences with their followers who are family members in social media are liked, followed, respected and most importantly, with the trust of their sincerity benefit as an expert.
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Influencer Marketing Agency What is your mark?


What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing; in the digital media channels, the Internet world is an understanding of marketing that focuses on influencing the buying behaviors of target groups and taking the desired actions by influencing influencers. With the Influencer marketing strategy, brands can reach millions of people quickly through influencers. With simultaneous access and interaction, potential customers are transformed into final receivers. At the same time, with the trust of the influencers, consumers' brand loyalty and brand loyalty are also facilitated.

Influencer Marketing Agency What is your mark?


What are the working areas of the Influencer Marketing Agency?

Similar to the fact that celebrities are involved in all areas of branding, influencers who are Internet-renowned in the influencer marketing strategy can collaborate with brands in a wide variety of venues. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat etc. sponsored content based on photography, drawing, video and text can be produced in all social media channels. Nevertheless, some brands now use influencers as trademark faces. In traditional media channels and events, brands bring their influencers and followers together to sign on different works. (See: Influencers make $ 500 million cosmetics brand NYX) Influencer marketing what you can do with your brand is brave, your agency is well-chosen and matches your right influencers who can produce original, extraordinary content for you. Perhaps the only area where digital marketing methods are the most free and your limit is limited to your imagination is influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Agency What is your mark?


What are the Advantages of Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing, an innovative marketing concept, is one of the least risky and least risky marketing strategies. We generally outline the advantages of Influencer marketing;

  • It provides the fastest way to reach millions of people.
  • Interests are attracted to original and marketing oriented content.
  • Consumer confidence is quickly built thanks to the relationship with Influencers' followers.
  • It's easier to build brand loyalty.
  • The end result is that the consumers' commitment to the brand convey the personal experiences of the influencers.
  • Purchasing behavior of prospective customers is reprogrammed to be faster to convert to final receivers.
  • By creating a secondary marketing campaign through brands influencers, a productive interaction with the follower kitle is achieved, the consumers are gathered the unmistakable thoughts of the product value of the brand, and the data are collected and the future strategies are developed more healthily.
  • Compared to all traditional marketing methods, the most effective marketing efforts are carried out.
  • Brand awareness and sales rates increase simultaneously with the impact of word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM).
  • Markets emerge from boring lines and become social media brands and are perceived as more accessible by the target audience.
  • Flexible payment methods and small-budget workloads create a big impact.

Influencer Marketing Agency What is your mark?

Influencer Marketing Success Stories

Many brands and enterprises from all over the world are bringing sound with their marketing efforts and success stories they have done with influencer marketing method. Let's look briefly at what the brands that are the leading actors of these success stories are doing.

  • Flying skateboard company Uwheels, Instagram and Facebook in order to announce the initiative with the influencers agreed to spend only $ 61,200 and the company's first opening in the month of the 1.2 million more than the product sales realized.
  • Established with an investment of less than 10 thousand dollars Frank Bodysent beauty samples to bloggers and influencers, earned $ 20 million in just one year.
  • Sell ​​healthy detox tea SkinnyMe Tea The e - commerce initiative, reached $ 100,000 a day through influencers.
  • Swedish watch brand Daniel WellingtonMade $ 15,000 in profit, making $ 228 million in profits, making it an internationally renowned brand in five years with the influencer marketing strategy.
  • Best Fiends has reached 17 million consumers thanks to a single influencer channeled on YouTube.
  • Where tooth whitening products are involved hismil to went out with $ 20,000, and moved only with the influencers to move the company value to $ 10 million in 18 months.

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Influencer Marketing Agency What is your mark?

What is Influencer Marketing Platform CreatorDen paying 1 Million TL to Influencers?

CreatorDen; a way for advertisers to match the right influencers for their brand is the influencer marketing platform. CreatorDen On the platform, marketers will be able to develop marketing projects with hundreds of influencers at the same time as they will have a single influencer in a single panel. CreatorDens aim is to make all the shares made in the scope of influencer marketing scalable. In this context CPC, CPA, CPM etc. work done in some cases. Through the platform, brands and influencers are brought together by matching sectors according to their interests. In this way, matching of the right influencers within a very short period of time allows only the people who will share in the direction of the separated budget to reach. At CreatorDen, besides the platform, projects are also produced with special creative editions of the brand together with the project team.

Trust CreatorDen's power!

Real Influencers

When you use CreatorDen, you do not have to remove the fake follower influencers. 

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CreatorDen acts as a bridge between you and the influencer so that you can take payment steps smoothly. 

Flexible Budget

You can get a chance to work with influencers on a budget! 

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