Instagram Video Content Increases Access and Interactivity

More than 400 million daily active users of the popular social media application, which has more than 600 million active users per month, are using Instagram. In recent years, Instagram has begun to increase its popularity, as it adds itself to almost every aspect of Snapchat and improves the features it adds. These features developed by Instagram attract the attention of users and every new feature of the application is frequently used by active users. Instagram video content is also one of these popular features.

Having a tremendous space to interact with brands' consumers, Instagram continues to grow from one side to the other, creating new advertising spaces for brands.

From innovations to the application, Instagram is as active as users and brands are quite satisfied. According to an independent research by Forrester, which expresses this satisfaction with numbers, users are able to identify brand or influencer content containing advertisements in Instagram; They show 120 times more interest than Twitter and 58 times more than Facebook.

Categories such as fashion - clothing, cosmetics, sports, food, tourism - travel began to benefit from all the blessings of Instagram, and the shared contents began to get more successful results. Although for some brands the social networking shares such as Facebook and Twitter seem to be more suitable for reaching readers and followers, when the content for the Instagram user is generated, the markers in all the lanes are able to catch the success he wants in this network. Particularly in recent times, the live broadcast area and video content that Instagram users have shown a lot of interest attracts a lot of attention on the platform.

Brands that examine data for interaction rates of video content they publish from Instagram pages also showed how much the interaction rates in video content increased day by day. Within the past 12 months, the interaction rates of video content of companies both in their own account and in the shares they have worked on from the influencers' accounts of the partnership are showing a rising momentum. The markers reach this value based on the total comments and likes of the content of the months when the sharing was made in determining the interaction rate.

One of the reasons for this increase is that 41 percent of Instagram users worldwide are under 24 years of age. As well as being available on all social networks, Instagram videos are now preparing content based on user needs and preferences. These contents, which they have prepared and shared, are confronted as a factor that increases the momentum in the interaction.

The brands and influencers who know that especially young people are getting more and more interested in video content based on videotapes and popular culture based on pills, and influencers meet with younger people by sharing video content that is compatible with their attention-grabbing work. This is why Instagramda's video sharing is a key factor in creating highly interactive content.

Another factor that triggers this success is the content algorithm developed by Instagram and described as 'Snowball'. With this algorithm, which creates a full snowball effect, content that gets more acclaim in its category than others in the diagram, interacts with more users in the explore platform. In this case, the user has more access, while more access is making room for more interaction.

Finally, increasing the video content durations in the Instagram from 15 seconds to 1 minute also increases the quality of the video content production and indirectly increases the interaction rate.

Instagram, which is highly preferred by brands and influencers, is one of the most used and returnable social media channels today with its rapid spread of video content and effective marketing opportunities.

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