How to Give an Instagram Sponsored Advertisement

We spend about one hour in social media. How much of this is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube? How much time do we spend in Instagram in the last 2 years? The time spent in Instagram for people under 25 is 32 minutes, while for people over 25 is around 24 minutes. With a new set of features, more and more love and use of the brand with increasing day by day Instagram sponsored ad giving it become as important a medium as advertising on Facebook and Google. When we look at the last Instagram data, the number of users with 700M in April 2017 was 800M in September 2017.

Sponsorship ad in InstagramThere are 3 different methods.

First method; Facebook Business an ad type that you will deliver using a tool and target your target audience in a number of ways.

Second Instagram sponsored ad method with influencer marketing social media phenomena your brand is smaller but the closest target audienceto be shared with you. Depending on your purpose and budget, you can make different decisions about the number of influencer followers you would prefer. If you choose this method, the budget you set and your brand will CreatorDen platform at the same time.

Third method; Instagram is a way to promote your submission via mobile application. You can advertise for 3 purposes, such as increasing profile visits, increasing website visits, and accessing people near an address. You can choose 2 types of audience you want to see. Instagram automatically identifies itself and shows the ad or you can set an audience yourself by choosing a location, interest, age range and gender.

How to Give Sponsored Advertisement in Instagram

Step 1: Create Campaign

Instagram Sponsored Advertisement

For what purpose do you give the sponsored ad you will give in Instagram? Providing traffic to your website, uploading your application, creating brand awareness, or taking an action on your website. You should choose Conversions as your marketing target if you sell a service and assume that you want to fill out a form on your website or a sale of a product. Business ManagerYou will be able to give Instagram name because you are creating Instagram ads.

Step 2: Create the Ad Set

Instagram Sponsored Advertisement

Ad sets are created under each campaign. Under the Instagram campaign you should create these sets with different targets. For example; Women who enjoy shopping between the ages of 22-44, men about technology between the ages of 22-34, etc., you can create different advertising sets suitable for your target audience.

To measure the conversions you'll get through ads Facebook Pixel code must be created and placed on the relevant conversion page on your website. Facebook help page to find out how to add it.

After you've done your targeting ad slots section only Instagramyou should choose. If you want to advertise Instagram Story, we suggest you do it on a different campaign.

Step 3: Create Ads

Select your Instagram account that you have added to Business Manager, choose whether it is a streaming video or video to publish, fill in the links and text that you will include in the ad, and publish your ad.

Instagram Sponsored Advertisement with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing; actually a different dimension that marketing works done with blog pages since years changed with the introduction of Instagram in our life. The blog content is still being read too much; With the increasing use of social media, both bloggers and influencers have found themselves in social media. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram; popular social media in the field of influencer marketing.

When we look at influencer marketing in general experience marketing . Influencer on; share experiences using any brand of product or service. On the other hand, word of mouth marketing (WOM) method. Thus; influencers who use your product are actually brand ambassadors. Influencer marketing examples from here from here to create an immediate influencer marketing campaign CreatorDen platform You can reach.


What are the advantages of Influencer?

  • A loyal followerwhat they have.
  • With your followers, your brand will not work a friendly friend has.
  • Followers, against what influencer said confidence they require.
  • Persons can also use their own products or services experienceThey want to hear it in advance. Influencers share these experiences.
  • Influencers content organicTir share their own experiences. Even with sponsored content, they share the product or service with their own experience.
  • Followers are located in that area with the intention of seeing the influencers share, and thus the brand content that they receive can be accepted for them.

Promoting Instagram Sends

Sponsoring Instagram Instagramming

Step 1: In the Instagram mobile application, Facebook Business Manager share you want to promote or promote by logging in with your account Make Promotion Click on the button.

Step 2: Select your intent to promote; increasing profile visits, increasing website visits, and accessing people near an address.

Step 3: Finally Select target destination. If you do not create an instance, Instagram will be able to select the areas for automatic advertisements. After you have set your budget Create Promotion You can publish the ad by clicking on the button.

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