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Facebook out, Instagram in! Although Facebook bought Instagram, it did not affect Instagram's independence in terms of users. Compared to the chaos in the Facebook home page stream, we are able to access the memories of our emails and favorites in the accounts we care about in Instagram. Particularly satisfying is the fact that the people who we frequent in the story stream are in the first place. In addition to its easy tracking ability, it also allows users to transfer a single photograph that can not be explained in words, offering photographers the opportunity to be the star of their own shows by reflecting their own world, exhibiting visual festivals in a virtual gallery of photographs of many different daldan artists ranging from photographers to painters and the favorite social network of people of all ages, especially the younger generation. As such, Instagram became a celebrity mass of its own. Obtaining a loyal audience with their share The influencers in the Instagramhas also brought a brand new understanding to the brand's marketing efforts.

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Instagrammer Is The Same With Instagram Influencer?

Today is a complete concept confusion. Even those who have been in the digital world for years have not used the concepts appropriately for their definitions. Instagramm is; According to the definition of Wikipedia is called Instagram users. The more common usage is that they share a lot of time, spend a lot of time in Instagram, unaffected people are expressing. Influencer; people who have a certain mass of followers, who influence and direct people with their share. Instagram influencer; sharing ideas, experiences and moments of life through Instagram benefitingby followers reliable expert has gained identity massive are people. (See: These Influencers Who Drift After Millions Da Kim Who?)

Instagram Influencer


Everybody Famous in Instagram Is Influencer?

First of all we need to ask: Is it enough to be famous to impress the masses? Of course every person has an impact on the ideas of others. But much more is needed to influence the masses and make them perform the desired behavior while changing their minds. Anyone who makes fun sharing phenomenon as millions of people can be followed. But when it comes to changing the ideas that are the hardest in the world, or seeding new ideas, a force that influencers have.. Influencera is not itself giving this power; followers confidence, loyalty and it is the belief. Influencers and followers are usually virtual family relationships. This bond is to the influencer's followers respect, to them helpful to provide information and ideas and experiences on any subject in their true opinion lt; / RTI & gt; (See: Social Media Units, Phenomenons and Influencers)

Instagram Influencer

How to become an Instagram Influencer?

Instagram influencer you need to first name it by your name or a name that will represent your account open an account. Of course you can use it if you have a current account ready for sharing that you will do on the way to becoming an Influencer. your account biography instantly catch the attention of those who see the part and fill it in a memorable way. A person who tells you about the people you interact with story The presentation. Get in search results using specific keywords. (Travel Blogger, Fitness / Welness Coach, Youtuber / Makeup, etc.) select a niche area; food, fashion, sports, make-up, excursion etc. You must not only have interest in your chosen field, but also have the knowledge and experience to be useful to your followers. Your share should be a reflection of your true personality. Of course, you can also share a few areas of interest between them connection and integration. (Such as combining food, travel, lifestyle or fashion and makeup). Just by sharing Instagram influencer You can not. Take as much of the photos you use on your shares as possible, and if necessary, improve yourself by going to a photo course or practicing. you use images absolutely high resolution, striking, quality and the way the followers will enjoy the look.

If you write underneath the photos, people will follow you, interact and most importantly give a reason for your trust. Every share is a story that tells your own journey, your life adventure. Use a proper Turkish and interesting narrative style. Viral content try to enrich your sharing with short, engaging videos. When you look at the whole of the images in your account, be careful to be fit. Whether you use pale or vivid colors, they all look like pieces of puzzle that complement each other when they come together. Having a certain style ensures that your account is tracked and has a pleasant theme as you look, while at the same time addressing a specific audience and ensuring that your followers become a loyal fan base. Instagram influencer It is also important that you share your way to becoming. Try to share as often as possible, but it is also beneficial to increase your interaction rates. You may not be able to share it every day, but be careful not to open up too much and make sure every share you make is of good quality, so do not share it.

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You will use it in your shares. Hashtags have both the most used ones and only a custom one hashtags and start using it. This will make all of your posts appear to be indexed in a single folder, making it easier for users to search only for you in the future. Decrease the number of hashtags over time. Even if you are not your follower in Instagram, users can discover your stories. This is an opportunity for you to be a new follower. Interesting stories you can add your name by taking a picture of your own account, or you can support each other by promoting other accounts and you can increase your interaction rates. Keep track of other accounts with similar themes to your account get in touch, you can attract the appropriate follower mass like a magnet with this tactic. Distribute gifts, organize competitions and surveys, cooperation with brands keep your followers in touch benefit Provide. To increase shipment interactions action call text (Call-to-Action). Do not buy fake followers, be patient. Allow your account to grow over time, allowing you to build a loyal niche. The important thing is not how many followers you have; the quality of your followers, your communication and your loyalty. (Micro influencer: Influencer with less than 10 followers.) Remember, your goal is not to be a social media celebrity, but to be a social media influencer. Acquire insights into your account by switching to business profile in Instagram. Analyze what you have done wrong and what you did wrong, and create a strategic content plan for your next postings. Business profile to your senders advertisement and to make it more viewable by others. Finally, take care of your followers, answer the questions as possible, show them the respect you have with your words and expression as you go through the interaction. Instagram influencer every share you make realistic and natural It should be, confidence should give benefit and a value .

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How Can Instagram Influencers Cooperate with Brands?

You have a certain amount of followers in the Instagram, you have watched the content rules and you have gradually increased your awareness. Well How do you get to the brand? Do not worry, when you start to attract attention by making interesting exchanges, brands will steal your door with sponsorship offers. It will be useful for your profile to include your web site, email address or other contact information. Instead of waiting for brands to reach you influencer marketing platform CreatorDen paying 1 million TL to influencers and you can make your brand agreements by displaying bids instantly. In your collaborations with brands, your first goal should be not to make money but to provide benefits to your followers. As you take care of them, you will already grow over time and your income will increase exponentially. Try to use the "paid collaboration with brand X" label to ensure transparency in your branding content. You can also view statistics on this page. Work with more than one brand at the same time and work with a single brand, producing periodic projects, instead of being considered "purchased Instagrammer" by your followers. You may want to work with a few brands at the same time. In this case, make sure there is a connection between the products. (Sports and wellness influencers like to introduce different food and fitness products.) Just as they are the brand faces of celebrities Be the face of your brand in Instagram and to represent them in the best possible way, content suitable for brand persona Try to produce. Enrich each of your content with stunning visuals. Content texts giving information, offering benefits and value, telling your true experiences are formed. Do not promote the products you have not tried. Creative campaigns creating viral contents try creating it. Make sure that the brand's products, services and services are suitable for follow-up. Instagram influencer I mean to be the bridge between the brand and the follower. While ensuring that your brand reaches a wider audience, you will ensure that your followers will also have access to the products that will benefit them. Remember, what you tell us is as important as what you tell us. Build a world of your own niche and in Instagram virtual community expand your family with your consciousness and discover your own boundaries and discover the innovations of those who follow you.

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