Even though we are in the middle of winter yet, the summer season is getting closer. In the process of preparing for summer many people try shock diets in spring and lose water instead of fat, they can not lose weight in real sense and can put their health in danger. Although the bodybuilding movement has become a trend in recent times, too many men are threatening our health. Of course, there is nothing to do with our natural beauty that we have, from birth to birth, or from what we wear, or what we wear. But that does not mean we should eat and drink our body and use our body like a trash can. We can make healthy choices instead of restricting ourselves even when we dine burgers or desserts. As we run into fast food restaurants, we can prepare a delicious hamburger with real meat at home or we can try different desserts with natural and organic ingredients instead of consuming refined foods. Our body is the greatest wealth we have and will make us home until the end of our lives. Is there anything like going up stairs or a steep slope with ease, wearing the clothes we want, or living in peace and well-being without suffering from the simplest illnesses? That's precisely why I have compiled Instagram accounts for healthy living that will help you to make healthy eating a lifestyle without coming in the summer. Moreover, these Instagram accounts give weight. ­čśë

These Instagram Accounts are Weight Loss!

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Sezin Pasoglu G├╝lery├╝z, who works as a marketing manager at Google, is an industrial engineer who is originally graduated from METU. Sezin handles homemade recipes with easy-to-understand delicacies in his Instagram account, which he shares about healthy life, and he does not neglect to share his new tastes he discovered on his journeys with his followers. The photos on the account of the visual feast offer a delightful account to follow.



Merve Mucuk, a student at Yeditepe University,Clean Eating"Trendy and easy to prepare recipe shares with Instagram account followers. In addition to the practical recipes he has prepared in the kitchen, Merve also provides photographs from pilates exercises and inspires his followers for a healthy life. simplyfitdays The Instagram account is a follow up to create healthy habits for those who want to lose weight without restricting themselves.



Do not make excuses, make time!"Seda, who shares with the motto, proves that there is no time and place for sports as a child's mother. It shows how basic exercise movements can be applied in compressed time periods, such as when ironing, folding clothes, or cooking in the kitchen. He also plays cardio on his shirts with his arm, while he uses his tightening movements while playing in the park with his son. Most of the mothers with children in Turkey "do not have time." As he rolled with the excuse, every opportunity to evaluate Seda found that Turkish women to their dreams in their own homes what they can do to have a body showing in practice. Seda's Youtube account, which is supported by well-known well-being movement for housewives here you can click to follow.



Expert Dietitian Hande Tekereko─člu, a nutrition consultant, has experienced weight problems throughout his lifetime as many of us. While he was a child who did not eat stubbornly until he was a sibling, he had a childhood of overweight by feeding himself after he became his brother. When he was preparing for the university exam, Hande, who lost his weight after he was unhealthy and still life, suffered skin problems due to the pounds he had taken for 2 years. After winning Yeditepe University's Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, he was treated as the first mentor of the dietitian and his healthy weight-loss adventure started as well. In addition to healthy recipes in the Instagram account, it also facilitates our everyday weight loss challenges by sharing how the sliced ÔÇőÔÇőfingers together with their eating habits enhance satiety, as well as their nutritional habits.


I can not kiloaldimgel

Over the years, trying to hide the excess kilos behind his long hair Merve, when he reached the age of 30, he gave a total of 42 pounds. Merve, which nowadays has become a healthy nutrition lifestyle, is motivating both himself and his followers by sharing the inspiration to protect the present body size and not to take back the pounds it gives. In the Instagram account, Merve, who shares the daily anecdotes about his life as well as the ones he lived in the weight loss process, On a YouTube account is sharing videos with food chats.


the dyt_tolgadog

Tolga nature nutrition consultant dietician who is also doing well in literacy Turkey Mother & Baby magazine. In addition to healthy and practical recipes in the Instagram account, Tolga, who also offers nutrition recommendations with permanent and sustainable solutions, Raw nutrition as well as innovative flavors such as trendy cheesecake. We recommend you to try the recipe of custard made with carnauba powder and oatmeal without flour and sugar. (see Owl photo) Newly opened On Youtube channel has 5 items to lose weight, and "1 minute feeding" theme and 100 caloric snacks.



Ekin, who is suffering from hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) and Polycystic overgrowth (PCOS), shares his recipe for healthful nutrition in his own words "fat spirit" with his followers in Instagram account. During the pregnancy period, she took the steps she was taking and the breastfeeding mother presented her diary on a diet log for 770 days. In the Instagram account of the Ekin, you can find recipes for different flavors that you have not heard before, such as Dip and Chia pudding.



LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) -based ketojenic diets are found in the special P─▒nar shares; gluten-free, sugar and refined foods. In addition to recipes, the benefits of vitamins, food supplements and healthy lifestyles are also offered. pinoeatshealthy , there are tricks on healthy living, such as the reduction of TSH levels by natural means, the preparation of antioxidant chambers and how to reduce the amount of aflatoxin, a carcinogenic substance found in leguminous plants.


What healthy lifestyle influencers in the Instagram can offer your mark?

Instagram accounts of healthy lifestyle influencers in our country, especially those followed by women and often included in recipes; is an opportunity not to be missed especially for brands that are products for food, sports and household appliances. Markets that want to reach different masses more easily can collaborate with influencers to increase awareness of their products, services and services. Healthy life influencers can share the benefits of using your brand's digital sporting goods or fitness outfits to the daily activities of these specific products. If you have a product for organic products or food supplements, the healthy lifestyle influencer contributes to your brand awareness by sharing your real experience of your products during the weight loss process. Healthy living influencers who practice specific diets can prove that you can make recipes more easily using your kitchen utensils when applying different recipes or encourage them to use them by enriching their presentations and presenting a visual feast to their followers. Of course, to address wider populations with healthy lifestyle influencers, your brand does not just have to serve in these categories. Regardless of which sector your brand is, the right influencers will create creative campaigns that will appeal to your target audience. All you have to do for this is CreatorDen influencer marketing platform to communicate with your most relevant influencers for your brand.

These Instagram Accounts are Weight Loss!

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Dilek Erdensoy, after his language education in America, after his license on philosophy; design, digital media and marketing. The writer who continues to write on various sites; science, technology and philosophy, closely following the media and advertising industry.
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