Instagram 2017 targets 1 Billion Users by the end!

The number of Instagram users has reached 700 million. The monthly active user is 600 million, and the application continues to be stable with only 100 million new users coming in 4 months. The application, which will complete almost the 7th year of its establishment, is in its best period. Instagram is expected to be 1 billion users by the end of 2017, if the goal will be 1 billion user social networking category.

What is Instagram?

When we look at the previous announcements of Instagram, we see that the transition from 400M to 500M in 9 months, 500M to 600M in 6 months. The new features added to the application are proof of the recent growth rate. Like Snapchat, the Story feature makes it even more appealing to be able to make live broadcasts and add multiple photos and videos in one share (SlidePost).

Instagram ranks 7th among the best social networks in the world by measuring monthly active user numbers. Facebook, who bought the app and watched Instagram's monthly active users, gave some useful information about the daily active users of the platform. Instagram has announced that there are more than 300 million daily active users in June 2016 when it announced that the number of 500 million active users was milestone. In addition, in the first quarter of Facebook's 2017 earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the Stories format in the Instories application, which the company launched in 2016, spontaneously created 200 million active users per day. With this feature of the application, Snapchat has already exceeded 160 million active users.

With the growth of Instagram's user base, the number of advertisers in the application is also increasing. According to Instagram, there are currently 1 million advertisers and 8 million business profiles in practice. This compares to 70 million businesses with 5 million active advertisers and Facebook pages on Facebook. When Instagram's user base approaches 1 billion active users per month, investors can no longer ignore the effect of the application on Facebook.

We see that businesses using influencer marketing increase brand awareness and interactivity in applications that are becoming popular for small businesses. In order to ensure that the app is used offline, we also follow up on the new features that the running Instagram will add to keep its competitors behind.

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