10 Roads to Increase Retail Sales with Influencer Marketing

As the world continues to build ever more digital links every day, influencer marketing rises rapidly among effective marketing strategies for brands. Influencers are putting the trust of traditional marketing techniques in the digital world.

Lord & Taylor expresses the influence of influencer marketing on the first hand when they use Instagram influencers for a campaign. In the campaign, they advertise on influencers personal accounts, all of which are sold before the weekend is over. The success of this campaign and similar campaign results is a testament to the fact that influencer marketing has been successful for a number of reasons, especially for retail companies like Lord & Taylor. If we take a look at these reasons, we can say that influencer marketing for retail companies:

Creating Brand Trust

Nowadays consumers are more careful about the messages that the brands convey. Of course, a company will tell you that your product is the best among others, but for consumers it can be much more valuable to hear it from a person like yourself.

Preventing the Consumer's Exhaustion

Similarly, consumers may be frustrated to see dominant advertisements of brands on their homepage or on internet pages. Even if they are a product that they like or are interested in, the content that is always brought in front of the consumer by the brand can give up many people.

New Customer Interests

For consumers who will buy a product for the first time, the two main components of the shopping process are the research and interpretation. Influencers can help consumers with these two factors. The already established trust between the consumer and the influencer helps to turn potential brand customers into existing customers.

Consumers Encounter Their Preferred Channel

Influencer marketing campaigns do not have to be limited to just one channel. While developing a strategy that is right for you, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and blogs can all be part of the game.

Accessible from Any Device

In addition to the two important stages of the shopping process of research and interpretation, it is also very important to be able to reach consumers while they are ready to make decisions. But the process of getting ready does not always happen when the consumer is at home in the television or computer. In fact, the number of people connected to mobile phones in the current days, the number of people connected to the number of computers is past. Influencers can easily create and publish content on the most popular web sites, including related blogs and social media channels.

Using the Power of Your Images

A consumer can remember only 10% of this information within a few days of receiving information. However, when this information is given with a visual, the recall rate goes up to 65%. When compared with visuals, consumers understand their contents much more quickly than they see in writing. Influencer marketing is based on platforms supporting visual and video, so your branded game starts automatically one step ahead.

Creating Originality

In addition to the aforementioned, the rise of video content plays an important role in influencing retail sales of influential marketing. Video content is indeed creating an authentic experience between the brand and the influencer. Together these box opening videos can be shown as a perfect way to reach new or unstable customers. These video content clearly reveals what comes with the product, and at the same time it makes it easier to tell a new audience about relatively complex products.

Removing Wasted Spending

Think about the time that consumers spend to research, refer to, or try different products. These processes can cause tremendous time loss and material loss until the right product is found. At this point, influencer marketing is the least time to waste time and resources. Each influencer has specific followers with similar ideas, values ​​and needs, so if a product is suitable for an influencer it is probably also suitable for followers.

Providing Better Qualification

It is difficult to follow mouth-blown advice. Digital advice is a lot easier at the point of linking digital tactics and influencer content, whatever the format (eg new product box opening videos, Instagram post, or a detailed blog post). The data is invaluable for marketing teams, showing what they are walking towards in terms of their tactics and what their investments are.

Influencer Marketing Creates Scalable Campaigns

Finally, influencer campaigns can be scaled fairly easily depending on the brand's goal. Marketers who want to create a new consumer segment while looking for an influencer response that is a very tracker for those who want to raise brand perception can also search for a nicer blogger that fits their needs. An influencer marketing campaign with defined goals can be scaled to meet every need.

In 2017, marketing strategies must take into account content and influencer marketing tactics. In particular, retail companies are beginning to realize that influencer marketing is having a huge impact on product sales.

Source: IZEA

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