Your Guide to Influencer Setting

Influencers or influencers have many questions, especially for new entrants and institutions in the sector. Moreover, each influencer has different impressive features and a campaign can be created with a different image for each campaign of the brand. Therefore; determine the campaign strategy before choosing the influencer, and influencia isshould be planned. You can take a look at the short guide we prepared for this.

What is Influencer?

Today; even the slightest developments can spread very quickly in the social media, bringing about different effects. This is one of the things brought influencer marketing is now one of the indispensable marketing elements for companies that want to reach brands and small target masses. It is aimed at contributing to the brand by acting in the aftermath of the interaction, not just the influences of the influencer marketers, as it is in the words of "The real effect is not only awareness but it directs it to action". This additive; it may be a sale, or a brand name recognition for a new brand that has entered the market.

Why do you need Influencer for your brand?

Influencer marketing; word of mouth marketing We are not mistaken if we know that the method known as " People generally take action by relying on someone else's suggestions. With influential accounts today through social media trust relationship Established. When we think of consumers, they rely on the suggestions of a third person rather than a brand's own rhetoric. And if you think of it in a more personal context, influencer marketing is a marketing method that brands can use in a systematic way and more precisely determine the target audience they want to achieve. So; brands can reach all of the people within the same target audience group more quickly. The effect of marketing influenza at the point of attracting traffic to the site, increasing its exposure in social media, selling products through suggestions or stories is very useful in this regard.

Specify Target Kinetics

Your brand's target volume may contain several different features. With Influencer marketing you can target the target in different verticals at the same time and you can see the results in more detail. Another advantage of the influencer study made by target group is the effective use of your budget. In fact, you have not spent your budget for those who will not be your customers, and you have also prevented unnecessary time costs.

Who doing?

While some companies do not seem to want to abandon their standard marketing practices, fashion and e-commerce sites are able to work more professionally with influencer marketing. Many brands now include traditional marketing methods as well as influencer marketing. So; each customer target is not a single channel but a different channel. Our recommendation is to compare the same campaign data using a variety of different media, and then evaluate the effectiveness of the media.

What Identifies the Right Influencer for Your Mark?

First of all, there is a contextual harmony between the influencer and the brand. You can determine the correct influencer with the criteria such as the suitability of your product, the number of people you want to reach, the number of followers of the influencer account and the level of interaction, and the language the influencer uses.

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